Central Cooling System

We undertake centralized air cooling projects and provide a complete solution for centralized air cooling right from ducting design, execution along with centralized air cooler installation and air grills. We have a wide range of centralized air coolers ranging from 5000 CFM to 16000 CFM and all the coolers come with standard 2 years onsite warranty. Our range includes both metal and plastic body cooler with front, top as well as bottom air discharge. We have executed multiple projects across India for shops, warehouses, factories, function halls, residential units. Our experienced team can optimize the cost of your centralized ducting work with appropriate design and right cooler units from a wide variety of coolers available with us.

We have experienced service team to take care of service and regular maintenance of centralized air cooler. We also undertake repair works for existing centralized ducting in Nagpur city. All the parts supplied and work carried towards repair/maintenance are covered with the warranty.
Contact us for the free survey of your premises to assess your requirement related to centralized air cooling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ducting work for centralized air cooling is completely a customized work and will largely depend on the possible placement of cooler and length of ducting work required. A rough estimate for about 1000 Sft area can be between Rs. 80,000 to 1,50,000. We make a free site visit to estimate the overall work and give an idea of cost involved.

The life of cooling pads very much depends on the usage and quality of water. Typically, the woodwool pads of centralized air coolers need change every 1 year. However, if your centralized cooler has honeycomb cooling pads, the change would be required once in every 2 to 3 years.

An annual inspection and servicing for Centrralized ducting and air cooler would be ideal. Technician should inspect and clean up the system, change the cooling pads (If required) and repair or replace any malfunctioning parts.

If you’re going on a long trip and plan to turn the unit off for a long period, it is ideal to remove entire water from the cooler unit and cover it up. This will prevent unwanted debris from accumulating on the unit. Also make sure to disconnect the power source before going on a long trip.

Situations when you need Centralized Air Cooler service:

Check for electrical connection of water pump and also the water circulation pipes. There could be some chocking of pipes leading to insufficient or no water flow. If everything seems fine, the call technician to check/replace the water pump.

Insufficient cooling could be due to the high humidity in external air or due to the need for cooling pads replacement. Generally in centralized air cooler, the wood wool pads need a replacement every 1 year and honeycomb pads need replacement every 2 to 3 years.

Rusting of cooler body, broken float ball, or any physical damage to cooler, packing of cooler can be few other occasions to call a technician for the service.