Centralized Air Cooling System Nagpur

In industries, commercial and residential premises, air cooling is now a common & efficient solution. It saves electricity consumption by using the optimum use of power resources. It is more energy-efficient and highly cost-effective when compared to air conditioning. Their cost efficiency is further backed up by the fact that centralized air cooling systems need much lesser maintenance. But whenever it needs maintenance, it surely needs the accurate and appropriate kind of services.

When does your centralized Air cooling system need a service?

Centralized air cooling improves the quality of air and ensures a comfortable working environment. But at times you may encounter a bad smell or odor that stays in the zone. Apart from this, it can also be a case where the cooling is not enough. This may be time for replacement of cooling pads or may be related to pads not getting wet properly. Sometimes, the cooler attached to centralized ducting may not be working and needs urgent attention. Many a time, there are queries regarding the air coolers proving to be insufficient in giving the desired cooling effect.

Why prefer Ram Services & Sales for issues related to centralized air cooling?

Being in the trade for air coolers and centralized air cooling for years, we understand the nitty-gritty of air cooling. For instance, consider the case of insufficient cooling, the issue may be related to:

  1. High humidity in external air
  2. Insufficient water circulation in air cooler
  3. Need for cooling pads replacement
  4. Improper ducting design to support the cooling
  5. The insufficient size of air cooler for the overall area

In case the cooling pads are not getting wet, one can check the electrical connection of the water pump. And if insufficient water flow on cooling pads is the issue, check the water circulation pipes. There could be some chocking of pipes leading to insufficient or no water flow.

The life of cooling pads in a centralized air cooler generally depends on the usage of cooler and quality of water used. Wood wool pads normally need replacement every year and honeycomb pads need replacement once every 2 to 3 years.

A trained technical person can also identify the issues related to improper ducting design or insufficient cooler size.

All of the above are just some instances that prove our efficiency in understanding the exact issue with your Centralized Air Cooling systems. Therefore, evaluation through a reliable and technical service provider will ensure the proper action to achieve the desired cooling outcome.

How do we ensure the best Centralized Air cooling services?

Usually, our customers by virtue of their unshakeable trust in Ram Coolers, call for a technician visit. Once you confirm for the visit, our technician visits and adopts the problem-solving approach. The technician will evaluate the ducting work as well as an air cooler and inform you about the exact issue. He will also suggest you the most cost-efficient and performance effective option. Now be it a case of small damage or complete replacement required, we ensure you authentic service parts. That exactly is the reason, why our customers rate us as the best service brand for centralized air coolers in Nagpur.

General Repair and services related to Centralized Air cooling systems.

Apart from the above-mentioned performance issues, one can also reach us for other issues like rusting of cooler body, broken float ball, any physical damage to air cooler, installation/uninstallation, or packing for a centralized air cooler. We ensure the prompt service for every call logged with us. 

For any further assistance regarding the services and repair, you can write to us or call Ram Services and Sales. Our Contact numbers are Mob: 9284004267 / 9960010998, Ph: 0712 – 2719596 / 2729597 (Office timing 10:30 am to 8:00 pm). 

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