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Air Cooler Repair

Nothing can be more disheartening than the unexpected, sudden, and unpleasant discomfort of your Air Cooler refusing to work in the middle of a scorching day or a searing night. It is not only a severe disturbance to your entire ecosystem but also most often is a bolt from the blue. If you have ever experienced such an incidence in the past, this is a time to remind you to take a look at servicing and repairing your Air Cooler before the summer season sets in.

  • The common symptoms by an Air cooler needing a repair or service are:
  • Air Cooler has stopped cooling or the effect of cooling has reduced
  • The Air thrown by the cooler has heavy moisture, usually associated with water droplets added to this air.
  • The air is giving an unusual smell
  • The Air Cooler has stopped even after the power supply is switched on
  • The cooling pads are not sufficiently wet or might be completely dry as the water circulation has got stalled
  • Lastly, there might be a complete breakdown of the Cooler

Air Cooler Repair Service

To start with, you can inspect the air cooler for each of the above effects. Once you are able to diagnose the problem causing trouble in the functioning of Air Cooler, you can then take necessary and appropriate action for its repair and service. As guidance, the reasons for the repair or service requirement are tabulated below for your ready reference:

Cooling effect decreased or lessened: While the most prompt solution is to add ice to the water for enhancing the cooling, but on the flip side, this is not the ideal rectification in the long run. Moreover, an excessive amount of ice over some time tends to slow down the evaporation of water, as well as increases the humidity in the atmosphere. The more pragmatic approach is to investigate if there is a breach of proper ventilation where the Air cooler is positioned or a cross ventilation issue. If both are good enough with no need for alteration, then change or replacement of the cooling pads needs to be evaluated.

Water droplets with the blown air: This indication is unquestionably associated with the cooling pads malfunctioning and can be rectified by getting the Air Cooler thoroughly checked by a qualified technician, who will either redress the cooling pads or completely replace them with new ones, as the relevance may be.

 The air is giving an unusual smell: Cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing are the only remedial measures that one can take in this manifestation. The common reasons are;

✓ The stored water in the tank has stagnated and thus producing an obnoxious or foul smell, thus flushing out the same and refilling with fresh water can be the most likely remedy.

✓ Although the glue of the honeycomb pads when moistened with water, in the beginning, can induce a strong and displeasing odour, which subsides with passing time, it can turn to a fishy or pungent smell if algae or fungus has set-in on the pads and thus they should be cleaned at regular intervals with water and vinegar in equal proportions

✓ The third indication that needs immediate attention is to check and inspect the main power source and if that seems unobjectionable, it is prudent to get the wiring, motor as well as the regulator checked. Either they should be repaired or replaced, but only by an expert technician.

✓ Insufficient water circulation and thus drying of the cooling pads is related to clogging of the water pipes or maybe a defect of the water pump, in which case a mechanic needs to be called to rectify the same.

✓ In the last case of a complete breakdown, comprehensive maintenance for the Air Cooler needs to be carried out with qualified technicians, who can come to your home for repair and service of Air cooler.

Air Cooler Repair Home Service

While a few remedies can be worked out by oneself, but it is advisable to engage an Air Cooler repair Home Service company that is equipped with experienced and expert technicians and therefore are capable of doing the right inspection, take appropriate action, set up accurate and corrective measures of repair, servicing and maintenance of your Air Cooler, all at the comfort of your home!

The companies which provide the best Air Cooling repair services are well equipped with an integrated variety of services and also provide good quality replacement parts, which are easily procurable in the open market and at the same time do not pinch the pocket unpleasantly.

Air Cooler Repair service at Nagpur

As you start your search for an Air Cooler repair service in Nagpur city, you will find a couple of companies offering a wide array of maintenance and services for Air Cooler. However, given by the fact that you are uncompromising on the quality of service and maintenance of your Air Cooler and will not settle for anything but the best, you must  judge and consider the following before engaging any one of these companies;

  • The vintage of the company (how long in the trade and reviews/ratings by customers, if any provided)
  • Trained personnel with experience and expertise
  • Prompt and instant service coupled with authentic, authorized, and bonafide spare parts at justifiable prices
  • The flexibility of procurement of genuine parts by the technician with legitimate proof of purchase.
  • On-call servicing and maintenance and also the comfort of an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) that guarantees a comprehensive servicing and maintenance regime at regular intervals that cement not only the amicable relationship between you and the service provider but also the Air Cooler with you.

Lastly, it is profoundly important to find out the range of services provided in Air Cooler home services which include not only replacement of spare parts but also an all-inclusive umbrella of services like cleaning, painting and most of all, a comprehensive packing of the Air Cooler which keeps it safe and secured in the winter season that requires cooling hibernation.

To find the best Air Cooler home repair service in Nagpur, you can rely on your research on the internet and then select the one amidst a couple of available options. Even before you decide to avail of their services, the points above would work as your guiding light to contact the service provider, where you can share your requirements and have an option of engaging in a call through the coordinates provided on their websites and get the quotes as per your requirement.

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