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Industrial Air Cooler

Industrial Air coolers are more popularly and widely known as Commercial Air Coolers and the main feature associated with these coolers is a very high and proficient performance in cooling across vast and wider areas, which are primarily commercial spaces such as Shopping Malls, Movie Halls, Restaurants, and Hotels, Factories, Warehouses, Schools, Offices, and also Temples and other religious places. Industrial Air Coolers are mighty and robust machines that are able to effectively cool these large spaces in a quick time. The modern architecture of the machine ensures that an Industrial Air Cooler provides unadulterated, environment friendly, and refreshing cool air without being expensive on the investment, either in their procurement or in the maintenance over a considerably long period. The use of Industrial Air Cooler is extensive and ubiquitous in the industrial and commercial area of North India which includes Punjab, Haryana, Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi, and also in large parts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. These giant coolers are fitted with large water tanks that can capacitate water for a long time and has a float valve feature for a continuous supply of water as well. Industrial Air Coolers are fixed on the ground or roof-top and sometimes are wall-mounted, and they operate with minimum interference by the user. They can efficiently cool an area of up to 3,000 sq. ft.

Industrial Air Cooler Repair

It is proven and substantiated that productivity and efficiency of employees and workers are proportionally linked to the work environment, and especially on the shop floors or factory/office settings, where manufacturing, production, power generation, and usage are associated with extreme heat produced. The Industrial Air Cooler is definitely the savior in such shop floors, factory settings, or offices to safeguard the cool and comfortable environment for the people. Thus it is prudent that the Industrial Air Cooler is under continuous scrutiny for repair and maintenance to ensure the continuity of the amicable work environment for the employees and workers.

The regular repair and maintenance also ensure that the Industrial Cooler has a longer life despite its heavy-duty work. There are numerous components and parts of the machine which are namely

  • The cooler fan motor and the cooler water pump
  • The cooler fan blade
  • The metal / plastic cooler body
  • Cooler duct/canvas if connected to centralised cooling
  • Air Cooling Pads
  • Air float valve
  • The Air Cooler tank
  • The starter switch in the case of 3 phase cooler

Each of these mechanical/electrical parts has a lifecycle of wear and tear and needs to be repaired on time as a preventive measure. Malfunctioning any one or more of them is completely unaffordable and costs dearly on the entire infrastructure that it supports. In a scenario where the repair won’t serve the purpose for the cure, replacement of the spare parts is called for.

Industrial Air Cooler Service

The services for Industrial Air Coolers include

  • De-installation of the cooler if they are mounted on the wall, an inspection and diagnosis of the issues and faulty parts to resolve the problem, and then re-installation of the same back to its position.
  • If the cooler is of metal and not a plastic body, a fresh coat of paint on regular intervals goes a long way in preventing rust, corrosion, and decay of the cooler.
  • Water Tank cleaning is a primary service and is of paramount importance as that helps in the clean water supply to the pads and avoids pungent or foul smell while in operation. This service also avoids the scaling in the water tank and adds life to cooling pads.
  • Cleaning of the cooling pads and also the proper distribution of uneven grass in the pads (which organically happen due to usage) ensures no fungus, mold, or algae deposits in the cooling pads.
  • Water circulation pipes need to be checked and the choking (if any) needs to be cleaned, which helps in uniform distribution and balanced displacement of water to the cooling pads on all sides.
  • There are several electrical components internally in an Industrial Air Cooler, and they need to be checked for loose ends and connections, as they may lead to the motor or the fans not working optimally.
  • It is an integral service to do proper oiling/cleaning done to both the pump and the motor. This helps in the smooth and proper functioning of the Industrial Air Cooler, as even if we have the highest quality of a copper motor cooler kit or a durable and powerful pump, there is an erosion of efficiency with use and timely servicing ensure to rejuvenate the same.

Industrial Cooler Repair and Service at Nagpur

What we pointed above are all part and parcel of a comprehensive servicing of an Industrial Air Cooler and this is provided by only a few of the best Sales and Services companies in Nagpur. To offer quality service for industrial air cooler, one needs not only experienced personnel with expertise in the trade but also requires the bandwidth to provide prompt and in relevant cases the breakdown services at multiple locations. This integrated and cohesive service from the best repair and service companies in Nagpur gives assurance, reliability, and security to the commercial owners to sustain the enthusiasm, efforts, efficiency, productivity, and performance of their employees and workers.

The Industrial Air Cooler Repair and Service organizations provide an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) which has the clauses of servicing, repairing, replacing the spare parts (if and when necessary), but also to give genuine and original components in a replacement at justified prices. The number of such services might vary from bi-monthly to quarterly and in some cases, a special clause on the SOS requirements as well, over and above the mandatory repair and maintenance cycles.

There is anything from a 12 month to a 2-year warranty on the spare parts provided, however, in such cases the date of procurement or the last servicing done, involving spare parts has to be authentically produced by the user (company).

A few tabs on the internet will give you access to few such companies, and you can engage in a dialogue or a net chat with these people, ask for a face-to-face meet and a relevant quotation based on your requirements. The right service provider will make you well equipped to choose and judge the best possible repair and maintenance service that resonates with your way of operations and will thus ensure that your employees and workers breathe cool, breathe safe and breathe well.

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