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A cooler and more specifically, a Desert Cooler is inevitable for getting comfortable in the summer season in India. It ensures a cool atmosphere to relieve one and escape from the long, dry, hot, and sultry summer days. A Desert Cooler is a predestined choice for people who do not have the affordability of buying an AC and going by the gargantuan 400 million (nearly 29%) middle class or middle-income population of our country, Desert Cooler is the lifeline for almost all these people in the scorching summers. Desert Cooler offers a few of the distinctive advantages; being easy on the pocket for the price, the promise of the coolness and comfort it gives, as well as the low cost of repair, maintenance, and service.

Desert Cooler Repair

When we talk about the operation of a machine, the associated words which get derived are repair and maintenance, spare parts, service contracts, etc.

It is both unpleasant and also an indication, when suddenly your desert Cooler fails to give the desired output, the appropriate amount of cooling, and some allied adverse visible symptoms which are not normal. This is the time when we start inspecting, investigating all the possibilities concerning both the electrical and mechanical components, and initiate the remedial action for repairing our Desert Cooler.

Some of the possible indicators of repairing the Desert cooler are;

  • The Airflow is not as forceful as it should be in ideal conditions
  • The Airflow is great but the coolness has decreased from a mild to a considerable degree
  • The water droplets are coming out with the blown air from the cooler.
  • There is too much noise when the Desert cooler is in motion
  • There is a fishy and foul smell coming out with the air
  • The auto swing (if available in your model) has stopped working
  • At worst, the desert Cooler has crashed and stopped functioning (working)

With several components such as the fan, pump, switch/regulator, and the swing motor on the electrical side with the external power source on the outer end, the water tank, inlet hose connector, water dispenser, and the cooling pads being the mechanical components, it is logical to use an on-call service, repair, and maintenance company with reasonable competent personnel to solve your issues on time.

Desert Cooler Service

While a handful of the anomalies can be rectified at home, such as

  • Checking the water tank and drain out the stale water from the tank to replenish with fresh water
  • Before the replenishment of freshwater, the tank is to be cleaned intensely, preferable with a mixture of water and vinegar in equal proportions, to keep the tank perfectly unsoiled and unstained.
  • Coming to the cooling pads, although the Desert Coolers are fitted with wood wool pads, they need to be scrutinized and examined in regular intervals, so that molds, algae, fungus, bacterial deposits and, other organic impurities can be brushed off from them to ensure unadulterated cool airflow.
  • Also, it is prudent to scan the water circulation pipes which may have chocked or got clogged with usage, and is the reason behind uneven distribution of water on the pads; as a result, the airflow also suffers in the degree of coolness, as the evaporation mechanism gets compromised.
  • Inspecting the inlet hose connection or the float ball (if connected) to find out any chocking or blockage that is proving to be a consequential hurdle into the sustained water-flow to the Desert cooler tank

While the above can all be managed at home, it is noteworthy to engage a Desert Cooler repair and service company, for their experienced handling of the adverse conditions that have prompted the impairment of the Desert Cooler or even a breakdown of the same.

Desert cooler Repair and Service at Nagpur

While in the present days, due to the social affiliation and addictive connectivity, one can find out countless names of internet, who are dealing with Desert Cooler repair in Nagpur. However, there are quite a few criteria that one needs to evaluate before engaging and committing to any such company.

  • The company should have a rating and that too over a considerable period of time and possess their vintage in this line of work.
  • The vintage relates to the experience in the trade and also the expertise of the employed service personnel to promptly handle the repair, replacement, and servicing issues, wherever relevant and necessary
  • The company should possess a thorough professional culture to answer and act promptly on customer complaints or issues raised
  • The company should have the flexibility of purchasing the components or spare parts which are renowned and easily available in the open market, uncompromising on the quality, and at the same time, the procurement should be logically economical.
  • It is to be ensured that the customer is provided with anything between a 12-18 months warranty on the replaced products or components.
  • Choosing the best among the companies available for repair and service of your Desert Cooler will give you the comfort of end-to-end and 360-degree servicing which includes the painting of the outer body of the Desert Cooler, to prevent rust and corrosion up to the packing with the necessary checks and balances of the Desert Cooler during the winter or off-peak season to protect it from prolonged decay due to being non-functional.
  • It is always best to opt for an Annual Maintenance Contract, known as AMC with the repair and service company that comprehensibly includes periodical visits by the company’s personnel to check, repair, replace and service your Desert Cooler, at the comfort of your home. This, without any doubt, takes away a big chunk of worry and assures that your Desert Cooler is functioning in an efficient, optimal, and sustained manner.

To get fresh, safe, and cold air and make your living room or your house economically cooled on a continuous basis, the repair and service routine and regime both need to be sacrosanct and the zeal for the same unabated.

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