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It isn’t easy to live in places with higher temperatures without an air cooler or air-conditioner. It is entirely one’s choice whether they want to use an AC or air cooler, however, many people prefer air coolers as they produce cool air naturally and do not pose any adverse effect on our health. These days apart from houses, many offices are also making use of air coolers. There are times where your cooler might give some problems like warm air, motor conks off, etc. To avoid such situations, you require regular maintenance of your cooler. To avail of Air Cooler Service in Nagpur, there are a couple of service providers, and you can easily screen them to shortlist the best cooler service center in Nagpur.

Why do you need an Air Cooler service?

It is not necessary that you take air cooler service when your cooler goes off or gives you some trouble. You can take the services for installation and regular maintenance of the cooler. It is essential for you to maintain your cooler., which will extend the lifespan of the appliance. Additionally, the cost associated with the replacement of spares can also be avoided with regular and timely maintenance. Before choosing the best Air Cooler Repair Service in Nagpur, there are various points which you must keep in your mind. Let’s take at these points:

Recognized service center: The service center you are hiring should be reputed and recognized. If it is not, then it might give you substandard services, leaving you unsatisfied. A recognized service center would be highly professional, and they will have expert team members.

Quality of work: The service center should always give high-quality work. To confirm this, you can get the details from their previous clients. If they give you good feedback, then you can go ahead and take their services.

Highly technical: The workers in the cooler service center should be well-versed with all the brands so that they can handle all kinds of technical issues.

Fast and reliable services: Ensure that the service center gives quick services. They come to your house or office ASAP. If you have complained about your cooler not working properly then they should not take days to come and repair. Apart from this, the services should be highly reliable. Their reliability can be tested with the parts they provide you. You can verify whether the parts are original or not. Authenticity is a must.

Affordability: Last but not least, look for somebody who gives you affordable services. Maintaining products always at a higher price might become very problematic.

Keeping these points in mind, you won’t only get the right Air Cooler Repair in Nagpur but also get somebody who is reliable and affordable. When you have decided to go ahead with air cooler service, Ram Services and Sales seems to be the Best Air Cooler Service Centre in Nagpur. Whether it is the installation of the cooler,  regular maintenance, fixing the motor of your cooler, or painting your cooler, they do practically everything. You must make sure to get the proper maintenance of the air cooler to avoid any massive faults with your air cooler in the future.

Why Choose Ram Services and Sales?

When you think of an air cooler repair service in Nagpur, the first thing that should come to your mind is Ram Services and Sales. There are many reasons to avail of their services. Let’s have a look at those:

  1. Experience: One of the first reasons to choose Ram Services and Sales is the experience. They are highly experienced and can repair or maintain your cooler from scratch.
  2. Expertise: Another reason to choose them is the expertise and industry knowledge. The company has immense knowledge of repairs and maintenance, which helps handle even the most complicated situations with utmost care. When you see the professionals doing the repair job, you will feel it is a wise decision.
  3. Avoiding Warranty Damage: To avoid any damage, the first thing you need to do is not do anything on your own. You should always call your company for maintenance. Ram Services and Sales give one year warranty on all replaced electrical parts. They know the internal whereabouts of the coolers very well, thus preventing them from being damaged.
  4. Being Safe: While requiring electrical appliances, proper safety gear is required as there are higher electrical values involved, and even a minor mistake can cause a big blunder. Experts here keep all this in mind very carefully.
  5. Saving time: Calling professionals is always beneficial as it saves us a lot of time. You can pay an affordable amount and get your cooler repaired by just sitting at home.
  6. Safety for the long term: Ram Services and Sales very well understands the value of setting up coolers with safety, which has a long-lasting effect on its performance. It would be best if you leave everything in the hands of a professional when your cooler repair is concerned.

General Air Cooler repair services offered

Ram Services and Sales offers repair and maintenance services for all the brands. They also provide one year warranty on all the replaced electrical parts. Expert team members give the services as they are capable of providing prompt services for plastic or metal industrial and residential air coolers. Ram Services and Sales also provides free warranty service for Ram Coolers in Nagpur city. If you want to avail of this facility, you must have a document that proves your purchase date. Following are the list of general air cooler repair services offered:

  1. Annual Maintenance Contract
  2. Breakdown Service
  3. Packing
  4. Change of Pads
  5. Painting
  6. Cleaning
  7. Installation/ Uninstallation

How to Reach Ram Services and Sales?

To enjoy a satisfying and comfortable indoor summer season, you must hire a professional cooler repair and maintenance service. Many reasons are already mentioned above as to what they offer and why you should choose them. They offer all the services related to cooler repair and maintenance with one year warranty on replaced electrical parts.

For further assistance regarding the services and repair, you can call Ram Services and Sales on the following contact numbers Mob: 9284004267 / 9960010998, Ph: 0712 – 2719596 / 2729597 (Office timing 10:30 am to 8:00 pm).

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