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With the advent of summer, when the Sun starts gleaming with wider and stronger smiles, a cool environment and comfortable atmosphere become the priority in all spheres and activities of life. However, in the scorching heat and dry climate, an Evaporative Air cooler neither has a substitute nor competition with the traditional Air Conditioning systems!

Evaporative Air Cooler has the advantage of affordability both during the purchase as the price does not pinch deep into the wallet and also in the running cost as it saves the energy and therefore inflated electricity bills for years together. Since Evaporative Air Cooler is a green and eco-friendly appliance that cools naturally and is assisted by fresh air from outside and natural water. The cool environment produced by an air cooler is safe, unlike the dry and stale air circulated and made cold through CFC and other greenhouse gases by an Air Conditioner,

To sustain these advantages and to enjoy the comfort for summer months year after year, we need to be focused, observant, alert and committed to simple and regular maintenance for stellar performance and optimal cooling efficiency year on year.

The details below are surely going to help and guide the process of not only the proper use but also the appropriate maintenance of your Evaporative Air Cooler.

In case you are to start a Cooler which was already used earlier, even before you start, these few simple things need to be ensured:

  • The cooler should be cleaned properly from the dirt and debris. In the case of a metal body cooler, the painting work can be taken up if rusting is visible on the body.
  • Cooling pads should be thoroughly checked and if needed they need a replaced,
  • The power cord and the power line to be inspected before switching on the plug to start the cooler.
  • Fan and water pump also has to be inspected for the working before you fill the water in the cooler,

The process of maintenance during the spring and summer (In Season) should be as under:

Cleaning outside of the unit properly 

Exterior cleaning is very much mandatory every couple of weeks, and definitely before starting up the Evaporative cooler. As we clean the exterior by removing the unit, a damp, wet and soft cloth with warm water are sufficient for the same. Chemicals agents or detergents are a strict no, as they cause harm and damage to the unit itself. It is also advisable to keep your plastic cooler away from direct sunlight, as it may cause discoloring of the same.

Regularly clean cooling pads

Be it Aspen or Honeycomb cooling pads, whichever is in use, it is prudent to check and clean them at least once in about three to four weeks. This needs to be performed with diligence as the pads attract and accumulate dust and dirt while in use. However, if the pads are cracked, they need to be replaced with immediate effect, as it significantly affects the cooling performance. Again, depending on the quality of water supply, in the locality, as hard or soft water has a varied effect on the cooling pads, and thus the frequency of inspection, cleaning, and maintenance may intensify accordingly. While replacing, utmost care is taken for all the three components namely the cooling pads, the frame, and the retainer as they are installed in such a way that there are no gaps.

Check Pump and Water Tank regularly

It is always pertinent to check if water is filled up adequately in the tank. Also, the water needs to be clear, uncontaminated, and without impurities. Since it is a continuous mechanism, the water tank needs to be treated with chemical tablets (zinc anode tablets), which prevent rust, corrosion and keeps the tank healthy. A mild additive agent in the water tank is a welcome option, which makes the air smell good. Soaking the water tank with vinegar and scrubbing it subsequently, has a conducive effect on the well-being of the water tank.

Draining and Flushing the reservoir

In an Evaporative Air Cooler, all the components which include wiring, terminals, and other electrical components including the pump and the motor, are in a continuous moist environment which over a period of use, inadvertently encourages minerals and moist salt deposits which corrode the entire system. Thus, the used water is regularly and frequently flushed and drained out from the reservoir, and freshwater is recycled in.

Empty the water tank when not in use

When the weather begins to cool and the season changes from arid to comfortable; it becomes time to stop using your Evaporative Air Cooler. However, during the fall and winter season, due diligence should be done for the maintenance of your cooler during the non-usage months, and one of the primary things is to completely drain the water tank of any stagnated water, clean the reservoir and leave it as well as the other components to completely dry. Disconnecting the motor and the pump will ensure that the water tank remains clean and dry and there is no chance of any water leakage or seepage when the cooler is not in use.

Air Cooler Repair and Service in Nagpur 

While there are umpteen number of companies, and establishments in the trade who do Air Cooler Servicing or repair in the city, the short-listing of such a service and repair company should be based on;

  • how trained and efficient the technicians are,
  • If the technicians who do the service and repair are scrutinized, and
  • Is the cost of repair and maintenance reasonable and justified?

Searching different websites will give the on-call and toll-free numbers and there one should explore the professionalism, competence, quality, and expertise of the personnel assigned for the services. The best of the repair and maintenance companies in Nagpur will provide home service during breakdown and guarantee genuine, branded spare parts and components of Air Cooler, should they be changed or replaced, and that too at a competitive price. A comprehensive package from installation to Maintenance along with an Annual contract proves beneficial for the consumer as the periodic processes become automated and hassle-free.

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