Centralized Air Cooling System Service

Indians can very well differentiate between the air cooling system and the air conditioning system. But a lot of people only know the application of centralized air conditioning and not the centralized air cooling system. People in metro cities mostly know the usage of air cooling systems and how ducting can give comfort. It gives comfort and cooling similar to a centralized air conditioner.

Centralized Air Cooling Systems is perfect for cooling in bigger places like residential apartments/complexes, hospitals, clinics, doctors, departmental stores, shopping complexes, and restaurants.

What is Centralized Air Cooling Systems? 

Centralized air cooling systems are also known as duct coolers are used for keeping several rooms or the entire house cool. This cooler can be fitted on one of the windows of your house or you can even place it on your terrace. Through the ducts, the air passed and the entire house is cooled. These coolers are no less than a centralized air conditioner. They are sleek in design and high performance. They take less space and can cool an area from 200 square feet to 1350 square feet depending upon the model of the cooler.

What are the common problems of a Centralized Air Cooling System?

Many gas and oil applications depend on air coolers. It is especially in those areas where either water cooling in no longer allowed or not available at all. Ambient air is used in the air coolers which is part of the process. This is why air coolers are always placed outside the house. Due to this reason, air coolers are sensitive. Factors that might affect the capacity of the air coolers include air pollution, pollution of pollen, pollution of dust, and crosswinds. Additionally, due to air coolers being placed outside, fans result in making a lot of noise thus creating a lot of noise pollution. They also consume a lot of energy.

How Often Does the Centralized Air Cooling System Need Service?

 It would be ideal that a centralized air cooling system is serviced or inspected annually. The Best Air Cooler Service would include replacing or repairing any malfunctioning parts, changing the cooling pads, cleaning the system, and inspecting the entire air cooling system.

Maintenance tips for Centralized Air Cooling System

Following are some maintenance tips for a centralized air cooling system:

  1. Cleaning the old dust: The first thing to do is clean the old dust. Since we use the cooler after several months, the piles of dust accumulate. Before you start the cooler, you must clean the entire dust otherwise it would affect the efficiency of the cooler. Filter pads, panels, tanks, the body of the cooler all should be cleaned and wiped thoroughly. To make your job easy, some cleaning solutions can also be used.
  2. Pump and motor overhaul: If you want your room to get cooled faster, the motor should always perform better. After cleaning the cooler and considering there are no electrical faults, the next step is to do proper oiling. Entire water distribution systems like tube leakages or cracks should be checked properly. This will ensure the pump and motor run quietly and smoothly.
  3. Maintaining the fan: The main item that brings the air is a fan. To get chilled air, fan blades should be taken care of very well. Loose ends on the fan belt should be checked. Worn-out insulation, a loose connection of the electrical switches and wiring should be checked.
  4. Maintaining the cooling pad: You cannot miss the cooling pad. Every season it should be checked. Minimum maintenance and maximum performance are provided by the honeycomb pads. Check if they are placed properly and thoroughly cleaned. Once all this is done, start the water supply and see whether the water is running through all the pads or not. Ensure that the water supply is sufficient otherwise little water might lead to dry spots, reducing the efficiency of the cooler.

To spend a happy summer every year, just follow the steps mentioned above and take the best Air Cooler Service.

 Centralized Air Cooling Service in Nagpur

With the growing number of companies providing Air cooler service in Nagpur, it becomes difficult to choose which company to choose. A company that has proven itself over and over again, standing the test of time is Ram services and Sales. The company has been known for giving the best customer services thus leaving them fully contented and satisfied.

Why prefer Ram Services & Sales?

There are not only one but many reasons to choose and conclude taking services from Ram Services and Sales. They provide the best Centralized Air Cooling Service in Nagpur. They give you both repair and maintenance services. Let’s take a look at a succinct and subtle list of reasons:

  • Ram Sales and Services gives a free cost warranty on all the electrical components purchased from their shop for 365 days. If you are living in Nagpur city, you can contact them for breakdown services. Apart from the services given for their products, they give services for other brands as well.
  • They give you the flexible option of buying spare parts or products that are used in the maintenance of air coolers. The products are genuine and are given at the best price possible.
  • They assure comprehensive installing to maintenance services. They excel in the repair and services of air coolers.
  • You get quick and prompt services as they have a robust logistics system.
  • They do not compromise on the quality of products and services they provide.
  • Skillful task force, courteous, highly component with goodwill, expertise, and substantial knowledge is all that Ram Sales and Services are about. You are completely in safe hands.

With the summers already approaching it is advised that you must get your air coolers repaired, serviced, or installed as soon as possible.


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