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Every home needs water purifiers to ensure clean and safe water for consumption. Water purifiers are used in all places such as residential, commercial, or industrial sites. People generally rely on the performance of RO purifiers to achieve good results, and all of this depends on proper model selection, and subsequently routine maintenance of water purifier. Many talented service technicians from the nearest water purifier service centre provide multi-dimensional solutions for all kinds of RO concerns. Considering the importance of routine maintenance/service of water purifiers, it very much necessary to find out good service provider, who can offer you complete assistance for the concerns related to water your RO system. And if you are looking for RO Water Purifier Service in Nagpur, you can get in touch with Ram Services and Sales.

Why Is RO Water Purifier service Important?

RO water Purifier is one of the best technology among water purifiers across the world. It uses a simple water purification process that removes harmful pollutants from water and provides pure & clean water. But your RO water purifier needs to be maintained on time to get consistent results for a longer period. The water purification process is highly effective if you take proper care of your RO system. The RO water purifier consists mainly of four filters: sediment filters, activated carbon filter systems, UV filters, and RO membranes. The first three filter systems can be changed after a few months while the RO level helps out for more than three years. You will get the free service for your RO water purifier through the company/brand during the warranty period. However, you may find the post-warranty maintenance service very expensive for certain brands. It is therefore desirable to find a well-established service provider who can offer genuine parts and reliable service for some popular brands and can be cost-effective too. The frequent service of the RO system through a reliable service provider will not only ensure quality of your water purifier but will also guarantee the long life of your RO system.

Benefits of Regular Water Purifier Servicing

A person feels happy right after buying a water purifier if the brand offers hassle-free periodic care for normal maintenance and tune-ups. Along with specific and well-timed servicing, you should get healthy and tasty water. If any need arises for the repair of water purifier, you should get uninterrupted and long-lasting service. One must understand that a water purifier keeps its quality and ability to clean water only when it is serviced thoroughly and periodically.  No matter which brands and designs you choose for your requirement, all of them need some basic cleaning and tune-ups to retain their particular quality and efficiency. As soon as you start ignoring the timely maintenance of your RO system, water purifying capacity slows down and your electricity bill goes up. Therefore to minimize any upcoming performance problem, you must find an established RO service centre without delay. The performance of your water purifier also depends upon the authenticity of the RO service centre.

Lower The Power Consumption:  Regular servicing and upkeep of RO water purifier can minimize the power consumption of the system. Any stress within the filter can lessen the water supply and elevate the power consumption. The periodic change of filters and adjustment of water flow can help filtration of water in much lesser time. This flexibility automatically consumes less electricity and saves almost one-fourth of the electricity bill.

To Protect the Filter: By offering periodic services, you can extend the life of filters being used in water purification. Servicing ensures the cleaning of filter correctly and makes all the pores free to allow water molecules to pass freely. In case of any blockage in the water filter, it is hard to allow water molecules to easily pass and thus filter gradually loses its efficiency.

Minimal Water Wastage: With timely service, one can minimize water loss during water purification. The minimum water wastage means the minimum stress on the inner components to reject the water. In this way, you can save the most precious liquid on the earth and secure its presence for the next generation.

So, for a non-stop supply of pure and contamination-free water, pick a nexpert RO services centre near your location. This is to ensure uninterrupted availability of water to avoid investing extra in the services. 

The Sign That Indicates the Trouble In Water Purifier

RO and UV water purifiers would be the most frequently found water purifiers in most houses, and every user might have faced some or the other issues. Here we have a set of the five most typical water purifier problems and their particular typical solutions: 

RO Water Tank doesn’t fill.

The most common problem found with many of RO and UV water purifiers is that the water storage tank doesn’t get pure water supply and the system get chocked completely. This issue is mainly the result of extremely low water pressure from the water pump in the purifier. A good RO water purifier requires minimum stress of 40 to 60 PSI to work properly and if the water stress is lower than forty PSI, the pressure needs to be raised. This is often carried out with the aid of a water pump.

A broken/clogged RO membrane can be another possible reason behind the water tank not getting filled. The semi-permeable RO membrane is a barrier that allows only water molecules to pass through to the other side while blocking water contaminants like dust, dirt, viruses, and bacteria, thus offering clean and safe water. Once the membrane layer gets clogged right after a few weeks of usage, the particular water filtration procedure slows down, and the water quality degrades. If the membrane layer is clogged or even damaged, it should be replaced to prevent any health problems.

Water Is Seeping from the Purifier’s Membrane, filter or Faucet 

When there is frequent water leakage from the purifier’s faucet, the part of the purifier is possibly not fitted properly. To fix the issue, the ill-fitted part must be discovered and fitted tightly or even replaced. When this leakage concern is associated with the filter or membrane of the water purifier, it may be due to a damaged O-ring. An O-ring is a soft rubberized ring that prevents water from seeping through the parts. Therefore in case of leakage of water from the tap, filter, or membrane layer, call a support engineer to examine and resolve the issue.

Unusual Noises from the water purifier faucet 

When you hear the strange noise from the sink of the water purifier, especially after changing the filters and the membrane, it is usually because of the air associated with the system, which is getting pushed out. Immediately after changing the filter, if the noise does not subside, call an expert to check if the tubing had been properly installed. The particular noise might arise due to alteration in the water pressure within the water purification system or it may also take place if the water tank’s valve is not closed properly.

Water Purifier’s water flow is slowed down

In case your water purifier is releasing purified water very slowly and fills only fifty per cent of the glass at the same time which it used to fill complete glass earlier, the issue may be associated with low water stress or with the condition of the storage tank.

An RO generally needs a minimum pressure of forty to 60 PSI to function properly. Furthermore, few RO purifier’s have a water storage tank consisting of an air bladder to ensure that it releases water quickly. The more the water in the tank, the higher will be the pressure in storage tank and faster will be the release of water. There may be a leakage or breakdown in the water storage tank and therefore it might not offer enough pressure for water release, resulting in slow water circulation from the water purifier’s faucet. It is also feasible that the water filter’s cartridges have been clogged due to high sediment content, bringing about slow water output. If the particular filters are blocked, get them changed by a water purifier service expert.

 The unusual smell/taster in the water  

If your RO or UV water purifier provides water containing an uncommon smell or flavour, which might be a result of biofilm accumulation on a smaller or a bigger area of the water purifier. A biofilm is usually a layer associated with organic and natural, and inorganic materials collected on the surface of water purifiers. Due to this, the number of pollutants within the water increase. The quickest remedy for this is to replace any blocked filters or maybe the membrane layer. One should check the improvement in the taste or even odour from the water after changing the filters and the membrane layer. Ensure that these particular filters are changed every few months.

RO purifiers also make use of copper tubing within their mechanism. When you notice that the water provides a metallic taste, it means the water may have dissolved a high amount of sulfate, chloride, and bicarbonate from the copper tubes, leaving a steel taste in the particular water.

Similarly, if you find that the water from your purifier has become slightly salty, this will be result of the salt and other solids getting dissolved in the water. The RO water purifier needs to be fully functional to get rid of these particles from water. For the correction, you should contact an expert for the maintenance check and get the purifier cleaned or change the preferences of salt content in water. It would be best if you get this treatment / check of water purifier, once every six months.

An RO membrane layer in the water purifier typically needs to be replaced every year, based on the utilization. This ensures supply of healthy water from your water purifier. You can contact Water Purifier Service in Nagpur for any water purifier-related query.

Do you need Water Purifier Service?

We very well understand now that on regular functioning for a few weeks/months, the filtration system may get clogged due to various impurities present in the input water. You will need the support of expert service to regain performance of your water purifier and to reduce the undefined issue. Any delay in seeking the on-time tune-ups / service for water purifier will result in substandard quality of output water and may dent its features and sturdiness. You may opt for periodic maintenance service or may call for repair service whenever your system loses efficiency.

Why choose Ram Services and Sales?

We at Ram Services and Sales offer support for installation as well as regular maintenance services with utmost care. The trained technicians at our service centre offer the most convenient and only required service for your water purifier. So if you are planning to avail water purifier service, don’t get confused at all. Choose Ram Services and Sales, the authentic and Best Water Purifier Service centre near you. Moreover, we are a brand by parent company Ram Coolers. Visit our website to get better insights into our services offered.

How to Reach Us?

You can call on our customer care number and enquire about your respective query. Once you have got your query cleared, fix an appointment for service/repair of your RO water purifier. Ram Services & Sales is your one-stop contact for the doorstep service of air coolers, geysers, or R. O. water purifiers across Nagpur city. Our contact numbers are: Mob: 9284004267 / 9960010998, Ph: 0712 – 2719596 / 2729597 (Office timing 11: 00 am to 7: 00 pm).

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