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Waking up one fine morning just to realize that your geyser is not working is indeed a bad start of the day. It is a total unpleasant surprise that you wish you had not faced particularly on rainy or winter mornings. Though it is advisable to get Geysers replaced eventually, there are some of the problems that can be fixed without you having to buy a new geyser. Listed below are a few of the common geyser problems and best solutions depending on the complaint.


This usually happens due to three main reasons.

  1. Thermostat settings – A problem with the thermostat is one of the most common reasons for overheated water from your taps. This happens when the thermostat has been adjusted to a higher heat range. All you have to do is readjust the temperature setting of thermostat. Even after doing so if you face any trouble, get in touch with Ram Services and Sales for the Geyser Repair and get the thermostat replaced.
  2. Heating Elements – Usually the water we consume has minerals dissolved in them which are non-separable even after the purification process. Now when you heat water these minerals tend to accumulate at the surface of the water tanks or layer up around the water heater elements. In such situations it takes longer for these elements in geyser to heat water. When ignored they usually burn out and stop functioning. The best solution then is to get the sediments cleared or replace the heater elements. A geyser repair service can usually help you clean the remains and even suggest best replacements.
  3. Pressure Relief Valve Damage – There is usually a valve on the top and sometimes on the side of your geyser and any damage to that can usually be a bit problematic. When the water heats up, the excess steam or heat escapes through these valves. If you see that the water from taps is hotter than usual or if you hear the water pressure inside the geyser, switch off the power plug and get help from a plumber immediately. This situation is dangerous if ignored as it can lead to the valve blowing up ultimately injuring someone.


Dripping Geyser

A dripping geyser can be a mess and threat at the same time and it does not go away on its own. And leaks usually aren’t an indication to get the geyser replaced. You can always get it fixed if the issues are less complex and inexpensive. However, ignoring small leaks is not advisable as it can turn hazardous in no time. A general rule of thumb is to disconnect all electric connections to it to get deeper into the issue.

  1. Issue with water outlet – If you see that the leak is from the hot/cold valve, do check if they are fitting tight. Usually tightening the connection resolves the problem. If that does not fix the issue then you will have to get the flex lines that supply water.
  2. Ceiling leaks – When you see water dripping through the walls, that’s an indication of major leak and requires the attention of a plumber.
  3. Leaks from temperature and pressure relief valve (T&V Valve) – This can be a bit more time consuming to check for the reason and needs expertise to spot the right cause. Reasons varying from a loose valve, excess pressure due to water heating, issues with the regulators, or a faulty T&V valve can be the cause of the problems and it is best to seek an expert advice.
  4. Tank leak – If none of the above inspections showed signs while checking, then there is a likelihood that the tank has gone bad. Usually this will be a major leak. In such cases where there’s a major leak due to rupture then the geyser must be replaced.


No hot water

Usually this is caused when the geyser circuit breaker on the main switch board has tripped. Resetting the circuit breaker once or twice should fix the issue. If it continues to switch off automatically, then seeks the help of an electrician to check if there are issues with the power supply to that board. A confirmation on the status of power supply at that area would indicate if the issue is with the thermostat or the heating element. It is recommended to replace a thermostat and the heating element together. Please reach out to Ram Services and Sales for the Geyser Repair Service in Nagpur.


Water pressure issues

There can be various reasons for low hot water pressure. Blocked galvanised pipes, dirt clogged valves or dirty filters due to water sediments can cause low pressure of water supply. A quick geyser service to clear these blocks can help resolve water pressure issue.


Unpleasant Odour

A foul smell from your water supply is an indicator of a problem with your geyser. This needs professional help and you can always contact our service experts from Ram Services and Sales for quick support.

In short, at times it is best not to look into the money or effort you spend into getting your geyser repaired and the best option would be to get it replaced, however, a good analysis at the overall life of the geyser will give you an idea if repair would cost you more than a replacement. In case there are multiple issues, it is best to get the geyser replaced and in case fixing of some issues expands the life of geyser, then why not try it! From small queries to complex tasks, Ram Services and Sales support team is always available to resolve such issues. We can also help you with the approximate charges for any sort of repair or replacement related queries to help you decide quickly.

You can reach us on +91-9284004267 / 9960010998 in case of any little help on troubleshooting or installation to repair of your purchased geyser.

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