RO Water purifier

Timely maintenance and service of RO Water purifier is important for your health.

Benefits of Pure Water

Your body is 70% water. Toxins are flushed out, digestion is aided by pure water, headaches are relieved, weight reduction is promoted, and your complexion improves.

As a result, if your water is of poor quality, your mind and body will suffer. Without the right amount of high-quality water, you may feel lethargic, bloated, and dehydrated.

While public water treatment plants remove major contaminants, they may not remove impurities that cause your water to smell and taste like freshwater and they may not provide you with water that is safe to drink. 

What is the purpose of water purification at home?

Water purification is the process of removing bacteria, heavy metals, and pollutants from the water when it is filtered. Consider the inconvenience of having your drinking and cooking water analysed on a regular basis. Utilizing separated water from a magnificent home water filtration system is the simplest and safest approach. 

Benefits of filtering your water

  • Have safer drinking water anytime
  • Improve the taste of drinking water
  • Reduce risk of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Minimize aggravation of skin conditions
  • Remove soap scum and deposits on clothes
  • Cost Savings
  • Enhance disaster preparedness
  • Protect the environment

RO Water Purifier Benefits

Water purification systems are seeing significant advancements in the industry as a result of technological advancements. Because of the benefits it provides, reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most advanced and widely utilised water filtration technologies available today.

Hard water is best treated using a RO water purifier. Although RO water purifiers remove dissolved elements and pollutants, they are ineffective against bacteria.

The RO water purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane that allows salty water to pass through. It filters pollutants such as arsenic, nitrates, salt, copper, and lead, also some organic chemicals, during this process.

Saves You from Harmful Waterborne Diseases: 

According to a UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) report, only 50 per cent of India’s population have access to properly managed drinking water. Harmful bacteria and viruses can be found in contaminated drinking water. To purify water, RO water purifiers use a semipermeable membrane with small pores (approximately 0.0001 microns wide).

A UV chamber is included in most RO water purifiers, which neutralises any leftover bacteria and viruses in the water. This means the water you get from a RO water purifier is free of disease-causing microbes. As a result, a RO water purifier keeps you healthy and secure from hazardous waterborne infections.

Removes Heavy Metals: 

According to studies conducted across numerous cities to assess the water quality of tap water/river water, the water is dangerous to drink since it contains higher amounts of contaminants such as nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins than authorized levels*. These heavy metals can have serious long-term health consequences, including kidney, liver, and nervous system failure, it also leads to diseases like cancer and lead poisoning. The most effective technique to remove heavy metals and pollutants including iron, lead, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride is through RO water purification. A RO purifier filters out all physical impurities as well as microorganisms, ensuring that the water is completely safe to drink.

Improves Metabolism & Digestion: 

A high metabolic rate indicates that the body burns more calories even when it is at rest, which is a sign of good health. Drinking fresh water with the right amount of minerals boosts your body’s general metabolism. It also speeds up the digestion of food, helping you feel more active and healthy. Copper is essential for the normal functioning of numerous critical enzyme systems in the body, according to the World Health Organization. After the purification process, some water purifiers include copper, providing you with water that can help you break down fats, increase metabolism, and aid digestion. 

Enables Weight Loss: 

Water is necessary to burn fat; the body can’t adequately digest fat or carbohydrates if it doesn’t have enough water. Drinking enough water causes the stomach to feel full, signalling the brain to stop or eat more sparingly. All of these help us lose weight and feel more active and healthy.

As a result, it’s critical to keep our bodies hydrated and fed at all times. All we have to remember is that the water we drink at home is safe and pure. RO water purifiers ensure 100% safe drinking water free of viruses and bacteria, increasing the metabolism rate, improving the digestion process, and assists in weight loss. 

Improves Skin and Hair Health: 

Our skin is a water-based organ with water-based cells. The skin becomes dry and sensitive without appropriate moisture, and it may even age prematurely. Purified water acts as a blood cleanser and detoxifier, avoiding acne and other dermatological issues. Hair that is well-hydrated is also stronger and less likely to break. Hence, an RO water purifier is the best possible source of clean and safe drinking water.

 Hydration: Water hydrates our bodies, flushes impurities from our bloodstream, removes waste from our intestines, aids metabolism, regulates body temperature, and lubricates your joints. As a result, staying hydrated is essential for our bodies to function properly. A RO water purifier can ensure safe and healthy drinking water for a healthy family.

Do you need RO Water Purifier Services in Nagpur?

We now understand that after a few weeks or months of constant operation, the filtration system may become clogged due to numerous contaminants present in the input water. To get your water purifier back in working order and to get rid of the unidentified problem, you’ll need the help of a professional service provider. Delay in seeking on-time water purifier tune-ups / service will result in inadequate output water quality and may erode the purifier’s functionality and durability. You can choose to have your system maintained on a regular basis or have it repaired when it breaks down.

Ram Services and Sales for RO Water Purifier

We at Ram Services and Sales take great pride in providing expert installation and routine maintenance services for Water Purifier. Our service centre’s qualified specialists provide the most convenient and only required service for your water purifier. So, if you’re thinking about getting a water filter, don’t be perplexed. Choose Ram Services and Sales, the most reliable and Best Water Purifier Service centre in your area. Furthermore, we are a brand of Ram Coolers, our parent firm. Visit our website to know more about the services we provide. Our expert team can install and repair RO Water purifiers of any brand quickly and efficiently. All parts replaced during water purifier service/repair are covered by a 3 warranty. 

How to Reach Us?

You can call on our customer care number for your respective query. Once your query is answered, fix an appointment for service/repair of your RO water purifier. Ram Services & Sales is your one-stop contact for the doorstep service of air coolers, geysers, or RO water purifiers across Nagpur city. Our contact numbers are: Mobile: 9284004267 / 9960010998, Landline no: 0712 – 2719596 / 2729597 (Office timing 10: 30 am to 8: 00 pm).


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