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People in India often wonder if buying an electric instant water heater for their bathroom is genuinely worth it when it comes to geysers. This article explains how instant water heaters work and highlights some of its lesser-known benefits so as to make it easier for the customers to make the informed choice.

Hot water is an essential component of your urban lifestyle, whether it’s for bathing after a hard day or for a self-care session with full pedicures. As a result, every home requires a reliable quick water heater that can provide a continuous supply of hot water.

Benefits of Instant Geyser

The term “instant water heater” refers to a device that provides hot water on demand. Hot water has become a need in today’s world and getting it all at once might be a comfort. In the summer, a water heater can be left unattended, but in the winter, it is necessary. In this time and age, where everything is done instantly, you cannot expect someone to manually heat water over a gas stove for several minutes. As a result, it’s safe to say that instant water heaters are a must-have.

Lasts long

Instant water heaters are designed to last for a long time. Water tanks have an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years. An instant water heater, on the other hand, usually comes with a 1 to 2-years warranty and can easily last for a decades if properly maintained. When you switch to an instant water heater, your heating system’s lifespan is automatically doubled.

Convenient size and efficient

Instant water heaters don’t have any storage tanks and only heat water when it’s needed. These water heaters are also roughly about 1/5 of the size of traditional water tanks, making them easy to install in even the smallest of places. Tankless systems are usually fixed on the wall, which allows you to save space of your bathroom. Another benefit is that you can use multiple numbers of water heaters in your home to cover more areas and can ensure the benefit of hot water in multiple places.

Saves money and energy

A tankless hot water system costs more than a standard water tank, however the power consumption of instant water heater is higher compared to the storage water heater. Another advantage is that the tankless system is built to last twice as long as a traditional heating system. So in the first place, this makes it a good financial decision as you save on the setup cost and also don’t have spend extra to heat water that isn’t being used. When you turn on the tap, the water travels through the tankless heater and is supplied to you in a sufficient number of litres per minute. Switching to an instant water heater can save you anything between 30% to 50% of the energy considering that you are heating only the amount of water that is required.

The water is fresh and clean

Water from a tank of traditional storage water heater is prone to pick up rust and sediments that accumulate over time. Because an instant water heater does not have a tank and does not hold water, the water is cleaner and fresher. In addition, unlike tank-style water heaters, instant water heaters have no bacterial growth issues.

A Constant Supply of Hot Water

Water Heaters with storage tanks can only heat a particular number of litres at a time. These heaters provide an ample supply of hot water, but it is not a continuous supply. During the day, there may be plenty of water available, but as the day passes and more people shower, you will quickly run out. Hot water is supplied for as long as you need it with instant water heaters. You won’t run out of hot water no matter how many members of your family take showers.

Safe to use

Instant geysers have a thermostat that shuts off the power if the temperature becomes too high. They also have a low risk of pressure build-up because they don’t hold hot water.

Stand-by heat loss

Even though storage water heaters have insulating walls, there is significant standby heat loss. Instant geysers, on the other hand, prevent the possibility of heat loss because they supply hot water instantly, saving both electricity and money.

No greenhouse gases

Electric geysers do not produce greenhouse gases, which is good for the environment. Tankless water heaters can also be managed remotely, with four different settings available for use.

Disadvantages of Instant Geyser

Limited water supply

An instant geyser releases water slowly as it is heating the water while supplies are on; therefor if you want to use the water for laundry, shower, or other purposes, you’ll have to wait. A storage geyser, on the other hand, may hold up to 20 to 35 litres of water at a time. As a result, there will be no breaks; you can use all the water before bathing.

Geyser size

An instant geyser comes in a different size ranging from 1 to 3 litres, but a storage geyser has a larger capacity of ranging from 6 to 35 litres. As a result, an instant geyser is perfect for dishwashing and hand washing, but if you want to shower, the storage type is the best alternative. Furthermore, there is no need to waste energy heating water that will not be used.

Excess load

Instant water heaters do not have a storage tank, so no hot water is wasted. Even though it demands a high voltage, it uses less electricity as a result. It may sound excellent from an individual’s perspective, but it may not be suitable for a power grid. It uses a lot of electricity, which can permanently damage your power grid.

Flow rate

Some instant water heaters have a minimum flow rate of 2 or 3 litres per minute; if the water from the tap runs slowly, the water in the geyser will heat up quickly, resulting in the development of steam or an explosion. It’s a problem that frequently arises because of low flow plumbing problems. As a result, using an instant geyser at lower flow rates can be dangerous. Manufacturers, on the other hand, are looking for solutions to this issue.


In comparison to storage types, instant water heaters require more maintenance, especially in areas where hard water is a concern. If the hardness of the water exceeds 2000 ppm, experts recommend installing a water softener, which enhances both the upfront and maintenance costs.

If you are looking for some more information, it is wise to read some Instant geyser buying guide.

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