Cleaning and Storing your Air Cooler

During the summers, your air cooler may be your most eco-friendly home appliance, but you don’t want it to occupy your room space during the winter months. When the temperature is generally low, the machine is not required and the best option is to secure it.By securing the cooler in winter, you not only will be able to free your room space but the proper storage will also help you keep the cooler safe and prolong its lifespan.

The Best Time to remove the Air Cooler is before winter:

Getting your air cooler ready for winter should begin a few weeks after the monsoon, or a few weeks before the winter arrives.There may be a few weeks’ time for winter to fully set in, but weather becomes pleasant generally few weeks before the start of winter.

When it is clear that the machine is no longer required (as the seasons change and the temperature drops), you should start thinking about getting it ready for the winter.

How to Clean the Air Cooler?

You cannot just turn off your air cooler, put it away, and expect it to work perfectly the next time you use it.The cooler must be thoroughly cleaned before storing it for the winter. The cleaning will not only keep the cooler safe during winter and will also allow it to function properly during the next summer season.

While a technician can assist you in properly winterizing your air cooler, you can save money by doing it yourself. All you have to do is clean the cooler thoroughly and store it safely. Here are the best tips on how to clean and store your air cooler in preparation for the winter?:

  • Turn off the Power Completely

Before cleaning your air cooler, make sure to turn the machine off completely. Also ensure that it’s unplugged from the power source. Once unplugged, the power cord should be wrapped safely and properly. If there is power cable storage compartments given in cooler, store the cable in that compartment, or simply tie the cable with the cooler body.

  • Drain and Clean the Water Tank Properly

Next step in the cleaning process is to make sure that the water tank in your air cooler is completely empty.It may be easier to clean the water tank if it can be separated from the rest of the machine. Even if it isn’t possible to remove the tank, drain it thoroughly before washing.

Thorough cleaning of the water tank will help you to remove mineral deposits. Regardless of the water source, these mineral deposits in water tank are always a possibility. The changes of mineral deposits are significantly higher if you are using hard water to power the machine.

You can soak the tank with milk vinegar solution (Vinegar mixed with water) and allow the mixture to settle for around 20 minutes.Use bush to thoroughly scrape of the deposits from interior of the tank and then rinse it with clean water.

While your mixture sits in the tank, you can focus on other parts of the air cooler’s cleaning and maintenance.

  • Gently clean the interior part of the machine

Other than the water tank, you should also focus on the cleaning of other interior parts. Spend time on each component when cleaning the machine for winter storage.

You can use a soft brush or a clean cloth for the sections that are easily accessible. For other inaccessible internal sections, vacuum machine can also be used for cleaning.

Once you’ve cleaned all of the dirt and mineral deposits, flush with clean, fresh water.

  • Gently clean the exterior of the machine.

If you want your machine to look great all the time, the exterior of machine must also be maintained. And for that,you must clean the coolers exterior on a regular basis.

Cleaning of exterior is extremely very important before winter storage and special attention given tor exterior cleaning. Use mild soap for exterior cleaning to avoid exposing the machine to rust and other damages.Also, a simple gentle clean will suffice and avoid using a harsh brush for exteriors. Thoroughly rinse each component with fresh, clean water to remove soap layer completely.

  • Let Every Part Dry Out Completely

Allowing every part dry completely before storage is as vital as cleaning of your air cooler.Even a bit of water left inside the air cooler can have devastating consequences during the winter storage.

Therefore, allow some time for each component of the machine to dry completely after cleaning and washing before going with re-assembly.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Cooling Pads

The cooling pads, like rest of the air cooler, need to be cared for and cleaned for the effective functioning. Therefore, it is advised to check the condition of cooling pads on a regular basis.

Cleaning them, making sure they’re in the appropriate place, and in good condition can help them last longer. You can clean the pads using a brush. It’s advisable to replace them if there is lot of dust on them or if they’re cracked.

  • Cover Your Air Cooler Protectively

Every air cooler, regardless of size or mounting method, must be properly covered during the winter.If the original cover of air cooler is available, you can use it to properly cover the unit before storing it. And if not, then Investing in a special cover for your air cooler is a great idea.

In fact, the units that are permanently installed outside and cannot be relocated require particular care when storing for the winter. Make sure that your unit is protected from the external environment by using an appropriate cover.

  • Store the Right Way

After cleaning and carefully covering your air cooler, store it in the proper way to protect it during winter.Air coolers should be kept in a dry indoor atmosphere.

Moving the air coolers to your basement or garage is not a good idea because moisture may quickly get into these areas. Rather, keep it in your house. A nice location to look is the back of a closet.

So, if you follow few simple steps explained above to clean and protect your air cooler, it will be in perfect shape for when you need it again during next summer season.

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