The summer season in India is testing majority part of country faces extreme temperature during summer months. The flaming sun rays and hot loo can actually be fiery. Especially summer afternoons become unbearable. As a rescue, people invest in cooling appliances like coolers and air conditioners. And nowadays, summers without such devices are unimaginable. But when thinking of buying such appliances, one must consider health as an important factor.


Advantages and disadvantages of Air Conditioners:

Although air conditioners help in controlled cooling of the environment around us, other factors such as the budget, air quality, additional maintenance, and servicing costs, cannot be neglected. Air conditioners need to be installed and for that, necessary constructional arrangements have to be made. Therefore the initial cost for air conditioners stands quite high. Adding to that, the electricity they consume counts up to the bill too, and they also demand frequent servicing to function efficiently.

Air conditioners are a source of health issues as they can contribute to respiratory ailments. Colds, fevers, headaches are quite common when you spend a long time in the air conditioners. They also make you prone to other issues like allergies, dry eyes, infections, irritated skin, dehydration, nasal blockage, etc.

Besides, the most important thing that cannot be neglected is the huge amount of toxic chemicals produced by air conditioners. In the refrigeration cycle, CFCs or Chlorofluorocarbons are used that have high global warming potential. They cause ozone layer depletion and are hazardous to the environment.


Advantages of Air Coolers over Air Conditioners:

Air coolers are greener and better options for your health as well as the environment as compared to air conditioners. They do not use refrigerants like CFCs, rather they circulate fresh and clean air into the room through evaporative technology. As you very well know that the windows and doors need to be closed for the effective results in case of air conditioners, which creates a feeling of suffocation. But, air coolers do not work that way. They work better in a well-ventilated room.Thus, they help you beat the heat and low humidity during summers in a healthy way.They do not pose a threat of respiratory ailments, allergies, skin diseases, and infections. Coolers are affordable and pocket-friendly. They are not power-hungry like air conditioners, and are effective cooling solutions with low electricity consumption. Overall the air coolers work very economical in the long run.


How Does an Air Cooler Work?

Air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling. In the earlier times also, this natural method of evaporative cooling was in use. In those olden days, water-soaked bed sheets or blankets were hung on windows and doorways. When natural wind or fans blow air through the moist clothing, the room becomes cool.

Air coolers use a refined concept from the same natural practices of olden days. There is no chemical coolants and it is purely natural evaporation of water to achieve cooling. They draw in the exterior dry hot air and cool it to circulate across the room. Cooling pads are used in the coolers as evaporative media. Using a water pump, water is circulated through the cooling pads to keep them wet. The evaporation of water from pads helps in extracting heat from the warm air flowing through the cooling pads. The air coming out from the pads becomes fresh and moist due to heat exchange with water. This cool air is circulated in the room using a fan.

With the advancement of technology, different features have been added that make the cooler operation better. There are multiple speed settings, silent operation, air direction settings, remote control features too. They also come in compact sizes and sleek designs that help you save space.


Benefits of Air Coolers

There are different advantages of air coolers like:

1. Reduces ambient temperature- Coolers help in reducing the ambient temperature. They can beat the heat and low humidity, resulting in efficient cooling. They suck the surrounding hot air and circulate cool and moistened air inside with the help of the cooling system that comprises a water tank, cooling pads, and fan.


2. Better air quality- In the case of air conditioners, the same stale air is circulated as a result of which the quality of the air languishes. The cooler makes use of the exterior air, extracts the heat and circulates cooler air. The air circulated using the cooler is better as it is fresh and clean. As natural evaporative technology is used, the quality of air is maintained.


3. Less electricity bills- Coolers are energy efficient. They consume less energy and the electricity bill is reduced significantly when compared to air conditioners.


4. 0 installation process- Air coolers do not need professional installation. You can place them anywhere in the room. They are portable too and are provided with wheels for easy movability.


5.Improve humidity- Coolers do not dry out the air as in the case of air conditioners. As a result, the skin stays hydrated. Other problems like drying of eyes, irritation, dehydration do not occur in case of air coolers.


6.Cooling pads trap pollutants- The cooling pads in the coolers help in trapping the pollutants and thus improve the air quality. Besides, as coolers do not use chemical coolants or refrigerants, they also do not affect the environment.


7. Environment-Friendly- Air conditioners use refrigerants like the CFCs which are potential pollutants that cause global warming. Coolers use evaporative cooling technology. Also, as they have zero carbon emissions, they are environment-friendly options.


Best Air Cooler Installation and Repair Services in Nagpur – Ram Services &Sales

When buying a cooler, one must also check if the dealer provides other services like installation warranty services, and after-sales services, etc. Ram Coolers not only have high-quality air coolers but Ram Services & Sales,  the service division of Ram Coolers,  also provides the best after-sales services, air cooler repair services, installation, and uninstallation services. You can remain assured of the parts used in the process as only legitimate parts with a warranty are used. You can opt for the comprehensive annual maintenance service for air coolers that include replacement of faulty parts, cleaning and painting of the metal body, and changing of the cooling pads. Other than the doorstep service of air cooler across Nagpur city, Ram Services & Sales also provides centralized cooling services in Nagpur. The team of skilled and experienced professionals can help you optimize the centralized ducting work and help you with the appropriate design.


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