Talking about common household appliances, geysers are also one of very important appliance included in the list. They find application in daily lives, and have become a necessity these days as. Warm water from geyser is needed for bathing, cleaning and other purposes. However, one of the major concerns with use of geysers is that they also consume a lot of power that adds on to the electricity bill. In this article, we will discuss about some smart geyser tips that will help you use your geyser correctly and reduce electricity bills.

Basic types of geysers

Broadly, geysers are of two types:

  • Storage geysers or Tank-type water heater
  • Instant geysers or Tank-less water heater

Tank-type Water Heater

These geysers contain a storage tank that helps in reserving the hot water. There is an automatic thermal control system that helps in maintaining the temperature of the hot water.Around 6-25 liters of hot water can be stored in the tank. Insulation is provided so that the water in the tank remains warm. These storage geysers are very commonly used in Indian households.

The storage geysers require less energy for functioning, and therefore,these water geysers are affordable and durable options.These geysers need to be maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure efficient functioning. Sediments should be removed once a year to reduce corrosion.

Tank-less Water Heater

Tank-less geysers do not have a tank to store hot water. Rather, there are super-heated coils that instantly heats water. Therefore, these geysers are called instant water heaters. They are quite compact in size and can be easily mounted in the wall. The heating process begins as soon as they are switched on. They have high energy consumption and work little expensive to use. But considering the fact that these geysers do not hold hot water for hours and hours and use energy only when there is a requirement of water, they work better option when there is lesser amount of hot water requirement.

These geysers are quite durable but they also need regular maintenance to reduce the chances of corrosion. Cleaning tank-less geyser is a little difficult task due to its small size.

Tips to use geyser correctly

Increasing electricity costs is a headache for many. With so many electric appliances in the home these days, the electricity bills are too high. If you are also worried about high power bills, here are some tips that can help you use the geyser efficiently that can reduce your electricity bills:

i. Correct the thermostat settings

Thermostat is used in most geysers. This device maintains the water temperature in the geyser. When the desired temperature is achieved, the power supply is cut off. If the water temperature drops, the thermostat switches on the power supply to heat the water again upto the required temperature. Some geysers have visible thermostat settings, outside the device and these settings are also changeable. There are also geysers that do not have visible and changeable thermostat settings.To save energy, it is recommended to set the temperature to 40-45 degrees. It is possible in case of geysers that have changeable thermostat settings. This saves energy as less power is consumed to heat the water till temperature less than 50 degrees.

ii. Set low temperature in geyser

The temperature setting range of most geysers is 40-70 degrees. Mostly the set temperature is 60 degrees or even higher. This produces extremely hot water that needs mixing with a lot of cold water to reduce the temperature to a usable range. Instead of heating water upto 60 degrees, it is better to set the temperature around 40-45 degrees which is quite suitable for use. Besides, some geysers also come with a timer setting that can be used to save electricity. It also avoids unnecessary power consumption, helping you reduce the electricity bills as well.

iii. Switch off geyser post usage

It is a very common mistake to leave the geyser on even when it is not in use. This leads to wastage of electricity too. As the water gets heated to the required temperature, the power supply is cut off automatically. But with time, as the temperature comes down, the power supply is again used to re-heat the water to the desired temperature. This cycle continues and a lot of electricity gets consumed in the process. So, it is important to switch off the geyser after usage as it will help save electricity.

iv. Choose the right geyser size depending on your usage

The size of the geyser should be as per your requirements. Getting an over sized geyser means heating extra water, which may not be needed. But more electricity is consumed in the process of heating this extra water. Therefore, it is better to estimate the needs of your family and accordingly choose the geyser.

v. Look for high star rated geyser

Geysers with high star ratings ensure efficient consumption of electricity. They also lessen the electricity bill. So, it is better to go for high star rated geysers, preferably a 5-star rating, for reducing electricity bills.

vi. Upgrade your energy sources (solar panels)

Solar panels are now available at affordable rates. They make use of the photovoltaic effect by extracting electrons from photons. With the flow of electrons, electricity is produced.

To meet electricity demands, solar panels can be installed. They help in generating power and also save on energy bills. There has been increasing demands for alternative and greener forms of energy.

Ram Services & Sales provide the best installation and geyser breakdown services

Installation of geysers needs to be done by professional experts. It involves electrical wiring and other background work that cannot be done by common man. So, installation should always be performed by thorough and technical person.

The electrical appliances need regular maintenance for efficient working. The frequent maintenance of appliances saves significantly on electricity cost as the system functions smoothly. Geysers also need maintenance and servicing to ensure that the water heating system functions correctly.

Ram Services & Sales the service division of Ram Coolers provide best after-sales services for geysers in Nagpur. Services like prompt installation and geyser breakdown services, geyser repair services are also provided. If electrical parts are replaced during the repair service, a three-month warranty is also provided.  Only legitimate and good-quality parts are used.  With minimal charges, expert technicians provide high-quality service at your doorstep. So, if you need servicing or repair for your geyser, you can contact Ram Services and Sales for best service at reasonable costs.

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