Air pollution is a common concern these days.It is not just the outdoor air pollution that is bothering, but Indoor air pollutants can also affect our health substantially. Especially during the summer months, when people prefer to stay indoors and cooling devices require a closed space, the level of indoor pollutants increases and the quality of indoor air declines. This triggers both short-term and long-term adverse effects as well as health issues, and proper attention is needed to improve the quality of indoor air. Here, we will cover some important aspects related to sources of indoor air pollutants during summers and the tips to help you overcome them.

Air pollutants and their ill-effects

There can be different sources of air pollutants.Cooking appliances, fireplaces, cleaning supplies, building materials are potential sources. Byproducts of combustion like different particulate matters, carbon monoxide, smoke, are the major indoor pollutants. Electrical appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, contain toxic chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons. These compounds are hazardous too. These can also trigger asthma symptoms, Increased fatigue, decreased lung function, aggravated cardiovascular issues, wheezing, etc.

Volatile organic compounds exuding from paint and varnishes from your indoor walls or furniture items, pesticides and disinfectants being used during daily cleaning, and excess moisture in the areas not exposed to sunlight are the other indoor pollutants. Other potential sources of indoor pollutants are building materials through degrading materials(like asbestos fibers released from building insulation) or from new materials (e.g., chemical off-gassing from pressed wood products).

Lead (from lead-based paint), asbestos (from tiles and paper products), and ozone (from some air cleaners) are also common indoor irritants that affect physical health substantially. Natural substances like mold and pet danders are also dangerous. They can cause allergic reactions, skin diseases and other respiratory problems.

Impact of air pollutants on the unborn and infants

Unborn babies and infants are more susceptible to health problems due to air pollutants:

  • When pregnant women are exposed to toxic air pollutants, fetus health is affected. These pollutants may result in premature birth or low birth weight. Chances of stillbirth are also high with high exposure to indoor pollution.
  • Air pollutants can lead to underdeveloped lungs in the babies, and weak immune system leading to lower resistance towards common infections. Infants may suffer from chronic respiratory diseases. Air pollution also significantly affect the overall growth and development of babies.


Thus, these indoor pollutants can have some serious ill-effects that may or may not be instantly visible,and these pollutants will act like slow poison that have severe long-term effects. Therefore, it is important to take necessary steps to keep your home safe and healthy.

Steps to minimize health risks caused by air pollutants

Some easy steps can help you in minimizing the indoor air pollutants and thereby lowering the associated health risks of these pollutants. Here are few tips:


●    Ventilation is a must

Ensuring proper ventilation can reduce the risk of indoor pollutants to a good extent. Shutting up doors and windows can accumulate pollutants. It is essential that fresh air circulates through your home to keeps it lively. Therefore, you should keep your doors and windows open for the adequate sunlight and air to enter inside.

●    Cleanliness will help

A clean environment is extremely essential for a disease-free life. So, you must keep your surroundings clean. Wiping away dust regularly from the indoor articles is important as dust allergy is very common.

●    Eco-friendly supplies

Cleaning supplies often consist of harmful chemicals, which can be quite toxic and can lead to health issues on the long run. So, always check the ingredient list and look for environmentally friendly cleaners, disinfectants, detergents, etc.

●    Checking for harmful toxic compounds

If you have just moved to a place, get it checked for asbestos and lead. Also, newly painted rooms emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs that are extremely harmful for human health. If a construction project is going on nearby, it is possible that harmful compounds can also enter your home. Check for that and make necessary arrangements to keep your home safe from these pollutants.

●    Cautious use of gas stoves

Gas stoves emit smoke and other harmful gases, which are dangerous for your lungs and can lead to chronic respiratory and pulmonary disorders. Installing chimney can help in filtering out these pollutants. Also, there are electrical appliances like induction heaters that can be used more often than the gas stoves.

●    Regular inspection for molds and termites

Molds and termites build up easily in damp and dark places. Unused spots are their breeding ground. So, it is important to keep inspecting your house and getting the required treatments at regular intervals.

●    Using vacuum cleaner

Highly efficient vacuum cleaners can help in reducing interior particulate pollution. Cleaning your home once using a good vacuum cleaner will keep it disinfected for a good time.

●    Humidity control

Moisture encourages pest and bacterial growth. So, humidity control is important to make sure that your home remains dry so that bacteria, cockroaches, and other pests keep away.

●    Using air coolers instead of air conditioners

Air conditioners may help in powerful and efficient cooling but they are hazardous to health as well as the environment. They circulate stale air within a closed room thus leading to increased levels of indoor pollutants.Besides, they use refrigerants or coolants, which are toxic to our environment. As coolers use the natural process of cooling, and offer healthy indoor environment with cross-ventilation. The air coolers, therefore, do not possess health risks associated with an air-conditioner.

How do air coolers purify the air?

Air coolers use the natural method of evaporative cooling, and circulate cool, fresh and moisture-rich air into the room. They help in purifying the air by taking in warm outside hot air, filtering it and giving out cool air. As a result, they ensure a good volume of clean air flow and help to push out air pollutants from the indoor areas. Cross-ventilation is a necessity for proper functioning of an air cooler; therefore, healthy indoor air will be guaranteed whenever you use of an air cooler.

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