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The increasing levels of water pollution affects the quality of drinking water. Poor quality of drinking water affects the health directly and can cause several diseases. So, it becomes increasingly important to purify water before consumption. The best way to do so is to get water purifiers installed.

Water purifiers have become a necessity these days. There are several models available that come with different features and work on different mechanisms. These water purifiers need service at regular intervals for proper functioning.One of basic and highly important part of water purifier is the water filter that needs change on a periodic basis. Therefore, periodic maintenance service after the installation of water purifier is very important aspect to focus.

This article covers the various aspects of water filters in your water purifier and also gives you an understanding about when it’s time to replace water filters in your water purifier?


What are water filters?

Water Purification Systems need to filter out the impurities, germs, and other contaminants. This function of filtration is performed by water filters in water purifier. Besides, water filters also remove hardness, taste, and odor from the water. As a result, you get tasteless, odorless, and colorless water. Therefore, water filters are very important component of your water purifier system. The quality of these water filters is one of the major factors that determines how efficiently the water purifier functions? Water filters have a definite lifespan and there are few other factors also that affect functioning of these water filters.If these filters are not replaced at proper intervals, the water purifier will not function properly, and the filtration of impurities or other contaminants will not be that efficient.


Why filter replacement is important?

After continuous usage, the filters do get blocked due to the clogging of impurities. As a result, the water quality gets affected, and impurities may seep into the drinking water. It will affect quality of output water, and this poor quality may pose serious concern to your health.So, it is important to get the filters and cartridges replaced in time so that the water purifier functions efficiently, and you get clean drinking water that is free from impurities.


Which factors affect the life of filters?

The life of filters in water purifiers is determined by:

  • Usage of water

If the water usage is too much, the water purifier must function more.Thus, the filters have a larger work to do and they may get clogged soon.

  • Water Quality

The quality of supply water also affects the frequency of water filter replacement. If the quality of water supply is low, then the accumulation of contaminants and impurities is faster. Even the heavy water deposits more minerals on the filters, which may block and reduce its efficiency.


Signs that the filters need replacement

Here are some signs that will help you detect if the water filter and cartridge need to be replaced:

  • Change in taste and odor of water

Pure water should not have any taste or odor. Impurities add these elements to water. So, if your drinking water has an unusual taste or odor, it means that the impurities are not filtered perfectly. So, you must consider changing the filters.

  • Impurities in water

Impure water may also develop black mold or fungus. These impurities may even float like tiny bits and contaminate the water. These floating impurities can be a potential sign that it is time to replace the cartridges and filters.

  • Slimy water

Higher sodium and potassium ions concentration makes the water soft and slippery. Thus, if you feel that the water feels slimy, it may be because of the inefficient filtering. Also, at times, water develops a cloudy appearance. This also indicates impurity as pure water is always colorless. Therefore, if you spot of these changes, then consider getting the filter replaced.

  • Minerals buildup

When the water filter surpasses its life span, it does not filter the metals and minerals efficiently. Rather, there might be a buildup that adds a metallic taste to the water. Also, the containers where the water is stored may appear brown or yellow. These are signs of hard water and changing the filters and cartridges will help you solve this problem.

  • Low speed and pressure

As the efficiency of the water filter reduces, water dispenses slowly. This might be a result of clogged impurities that affect the speed and pressure of the filter. So, if you see these changes, then you must get the filter replaced soon.

  • High TDS levels

Total Dissolved Solids or TDS is a measure of impurities in water. If the water tastes salty or leaves stains on the glass, it means high TDS levels. If you want to monitor the TDS levels, you can get a TDS meter online or from local stores. When you notice an increase in the TDS levels, you should change the filters and cartridges.


How to ensure filters are being replaced on time?

Ideally, the lifespan of filters varies from six months to twelve months. But if your water usage is more or you live in an area where the water supply quality is poor, consider getting it replaced early. If you feel any changes in the taste, smell, odor or appearance of the drinking water, you can get professional experts to advise you if the filter needs to be changed.


Other precautions for water purifiers

The water purifiers need to be cleaned properly within regular intervals. For longer life and durability, they need proper servicing and maintenance. It is always advisable to seek expert advice and help for these services.


Professional Service for RO water purifier- Ram Sales and Services

If you are looking for professional service for filter replacement, then Ram Sales and Services in Nagpur can help you with prompt services. We offer reliable and affordable services for the water Purifiers like filter replacement services, regular servicing, and Annual Maintenance Contract. Our expert technicians provide these services at your doorstep so that your time and efforts are saved. Besides the filters, if any other part need replacement, high-quality spare parts are provided with a guarantee. You can also opt for a Comprehensive service that covers Pre-Filter Candle, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, and replacement of membranes. Get your water purifier regularly serviced, and ensure a quality drinking water without any compromise to your health.


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