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Air coolers have been used in Indian households for a very long time. As air conditioners work pretty expensive and need to be maintained quite frequently, not everyone prefers them.There is significant increase in electricity bill with air conditioners as they consume so much power. At the same time, they demand frequent maintenance services to ensure optimal performance without any issues.

On the other hand, investment in air coolers is cost-effective. They are also quite durable and demand lesser maintenance. Modern-day coolers cool quite effectively, they use energy efficiently, and they come with many advanced features. There are models available in slim and sleek designs so that they can fit in different places without any hassle. Their portability adds to the convenience and comfort.

With Indian summers becoming increasingly unbearable, coolers are becoming increasingly important part of summers. They provide fresh cool air that is such a relief on hot summer days.If you want to use coolers for the long term, you need to know what factors affect their performance, what can cause damage, and how can the cooling efficiency be improved. Here, we have discussed some important things related to coolers that will be beneficial for you.


The Cooling Process

Before getting into what affects the performance of an air cooler, let us understand how air coolers work. The air cooler works on the principle of evaporative cooling, which is completely a natural process. The cooling system in air coolers consists of a reservoir that stores water, cooling pads to provide surface for water evaporation, a water pump to circulate water on cooling pads, and a fan to blow in the fresh air.

Therefore, unlike air conditioners, coolers do not use toxic chemicals as refrigerants that have negative effects on health and the environment. Herein air coolers, water acts as the cooling agent or refrigerant.


Effect of water temperature and hardness

As coolers rely completely on water evaporation for cooling. You may wonder if the temperature and hardness of water affects the performance.

The temperature of the water does not affect the cooling process significantly. It will not make any major change in the cooling effect. Even adding ice-cold water can improve the cooling process for initial very few minutes. Even the warm water filled in cooler becomes chilled within very few minutes and starts giving same cooling effect as ice cold water.

Another important aspect of water is its hardness. Hard water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium and sodium. Although hardness does not have direct bearing on the cooling process, it eventually leads to mineral build-up sordeposits on cooling pads and water tank. These deposits damage the parts of the cooler with time. Moulds will gradually develop on the cooling pads. As cooling pads are one of the important parts of the cooling mechanism, the cooling performance of air cooler gets reduced if they get damaged.

The mineral deposits will also affect other parts of the cooler, leading to rusting of body in case of metal coolers or brittleness and cracks in body of plastic coolers. So, the cooler will demand frequent cleaning and maintenance. So overall, hard water may cause damage to the cooler in long run, and it is advisable to avoid using hard water in air coolers. Instead, using soft water can be easier and better option.


Tips for better maintenance

If you wish to prolong the lifespan of your cooler, here are some tips that will help in maintaining your cooler for a longer time.


Keeping cooler in open space

For consistent performance and better cooling, it is recommended to keep the air cooler in an open space. It helps to draw outside air efficiently, and the operation becomes efficient.


Regular cleaning

Cleaning the cooler regularly is a must. The exteriors, interiors, and cooling pads all need to be cleaned to ensure that the cooler works properly for a longer duration. Outside dirt builds up with time, and as they settle on the cooler parts, its working gets affected in the long run. So, the exteriors need to be wiped down with mild detergent to ensure the proper functioning of the coolers.

Water Pump is the another most important part of the cooler that demands proper attention and regular cleaning. The mineral deposits from the hard water and dirt can eventually jam the pump, and as a result, the cooler will stop functioning. So, it is important to ensure frequent cleaning of water pump and get rid of the dirt or mineral build-up.

Cooling pads are the most important parts of air cooler responsible for performance as well as air quality. They retain moisture to provide the surface for water evaporation and also act as curtain to outside dust. They easily attract dirt and moldsand this leads to damage to the pads, and thereby cooling gets compromised. Regularly cleaning these cooling pads ensures proper cooling performance as well as indoor air quality.


Draining the water tank

The water tank needs to be drained and cleaned regularly to avoid breeding insects and germs. Therefore, after draining out the stale water, the tank should be cleaned properly, and fresh water should be refilled.


Replacement of Cooling Pads

As the cooling pads get clogged with time, it affects the airflow and performance. So, consider changing the cooling pads when their efficiency gets reduced.


Scraping mineral deposits

You can also scrape away the mineral deposits using a wire brush. But, instead of doing it yourself, it is better to seek the help of technicians as there is risks of damage to cooler body.


Best Air Cooler service in Nagpur – Ram Services & Sales

As you have learnt that the wiring, water pumping system, cooling pads, and other parts need to be checked regularly, and proper actions must be taken to keep them in well-working condition.Even after proper care and maintenance, there can be some breakdown issues with the coolers.

For repairing your cooler in Nagpur, you can rely on Ram Services & Sales. All cooler-related services like installation, cleaning, painting, annual maintenance, etc., are provided at the doorstep at very affordable costs.Along with maintenance and repair services, a warranty is also offered on the repaired parts. So, avail the best services within your budget and extend the lifespan of your air cooler.


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