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Maintaining a suitable temperature is essential in any business setting. If the temperature continues to climb, the individuals inside become more uncomfortable. They are unable to operate correctly and the productivity may suffer. Dehydration, rashes and heatstroke may all occur due to exposure to high temperatures. The increasing temperature may affect temperature-sensitive machinery or equipment, such as computers and electronic devices. It may have a detrimental impact on any company.

Employers generally invest in cooling solutions like air conditioners, air coolers, electric fans, or improving overall ventilation of the premises to address this issue. Air coolers and air conditioners are two effective cooling devices particularly in case of large areas such as commercial establishments. To decide which one is more cost-effective and best for you, some considerations must evaluate these two.

What is commercial air conditioning?

Commercial air conditioning is the process of cooling, heating, and dehumidifying air in commercial and public buildings such as offices, industries, storage facilities, retail, hospitality, cinemas, recreation centers, universities, and schools. Fresh and frozen food, abattoirs, butchers, medications, and data centers all need cold rooms and freezer rooms, which are again linked to air conditioning.

Several air conditioning systems are available, each with a varied capacity to heat and cool and various setting possibilities. As a result, it is advisable to get competent, independent counsel to choose the appropriate method for your property and company operations.

How do commercial air coolers work?

Commercial air coolers use the approach of evaporative cooling. They function as cooling fan using three essential elements: water, a wetted surface, and a pump. The pump moves the water from reservoir to the cooling pads, which provide the wet surface for water evaporation to happen, resulting in heat absorption and the cool air. This cool air is then distributed to the required location by the revolving fan.

The preference for commercial air coolers is increasing day by day. It has been observed that enterprises of all sectors use evaporative cooling systems to aid in cooling. There are various reasons why commercial air coolers are the best business cooling option for your manufacturing operation:

1. Energy efficiency

Using a commercial air cooler in your manufacturing process may save you significantly on electricity bill each year. Compared to air-conditioning system, the running expenses of evaporative coolers are pretty cheap. So, if you’re seeking cost-effective cooling solution for your commercial premises, evaporative coolers are the only way to go. It includes a well-designed evaporative cooling system tailored to your unique needs. This design may help you save up to 80% on power expenditures compared to air conditioning.

2. Fresh Air

Poor air quality of your commercial facility might harm the health of your employees. As a result, you must investigate this scenario, or the overall productivity may suffer. Evaporative coolers are a simple but effective solution to the problem. A cooling system that may help you fill your manufacturing facility with fresh air, reducing the possibility of air pollution. It leads to better air quality. Consequently, your whole workforce will be fit and healthy, which will increase production.

3. Doors and Windows Can Remain Open

Another significant benefit of using a commercial air-cooling system is that there is no need to close doors and windows of your commercial facility unlike the traditional air conditioners. Commercial evaporative coolers need steady airflow to operate and offer relaxed and fresh air. The system functions even better when you open your doors and windows. As a result, it assists your company in reducing any contamination concerns.

4. Reduced Costs

There is significantly lower capital investment cost for the commercial cooler compared to air conditioning system. These units are not only less expensive to purchase but also have lower expenditures towards maintenance or repair costs. The prices entirely depend on the parameters provided and the kind of cooling media / cooling pads used. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier also, installation of evaporative air coolers may save up to 80% on your power bill annually.

5. Environmentally friendly

The last and most important benefit of adopting air cooling system is that it supports sustainability. It is very eco-friendly, lowers contamination, offers fresh air, uses less power, and assures that person does not suffer from bad health due to indoor air pollution of your manufacturing unit. Overall air-cooling system may assist your manufacturing organization in developing a reputation among your customer base and community by taking a sustainable approach through evaporative cooling systems.

6. Simple to Set Up and Maintain

Air coolers are simple to install and maintain and are inexpensive devices. They do not need the kind of installation required to install an air conditioning system. Some units are set up in a matter of minutes. Machine maintenance is also simple and inexpensive. It means you won’t have to spend as much money to maintain them in good operating order. All of these things will help your business area be more productive. You can easily find the perfect size of air coolers for your business area, regardless of its size.

Considering all these above-mentioned advantages that air cooling system provides, they are regarded as the most acceptable air-cooling options for commercial spaces.


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