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Water purifier is an inexpensive solution to provide clean drinking water to your home. While choosing a good water purifier for your requirement is important, it is as crucial to keep the water purifier in good working order for you to enjoy the advantages of clean drinking water. It is important to choose theΒ best water purifier services, but you can also maintain your water purifier yourself. Here we will discuss some frequent problems that you may experience in your water purifier, and the simple remedies to overcome these problems.


Significance of Pure water

Purified water is essential for drinking, cooking, and other household activities such as bathing, brushing, and washing clothing. It makes our lives healthier, and at the same time, it is also crucial for maintaining cleanliness around us. The tap water in our homes may seem clean, but still, it may contain a variety of germs and viruses that are harmful to our health, such as fluorine compounds, chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides, and other forms of waste particles.


Why do we need a Water Purifier?

Clean drinking water is crucial for all humans. There are several compelling reasons to cleanse your drinking water. Although access to safe drinking water should be a fundamental human right, many places are experiencing difficulties due to a shortage of water supplies. A water filtration system can guarantee that the drinking water in your house is always safe, sustainable, and free of disagreeable taste and odor.


Common Water Purifier Problems & their Solutions

RO and UV water purifiers are the most prevalent kind of water purifiers found in most households, and RO water purifier are the preferred ones these days for a variety of reasons. RO water purifier might cease working for the most inexplicable of reasons, however, we have compiled a list of the most frequent water purifier issues and attempted to provide traditional remedies:

  1. No water in the tank

Reason: It does happen from time to time. You may have turned off the water purifier at night and forgotten to turn it on in the morning. Meanwhile, you would have depleted the tank’s water supply and left it empty.

Solution: The answer is as simple as the question itself. You can turn the electricity and ensure that the feeder valve turns on. Your water purifier will be back to work in no time. However, if purifier is still not supplying the water in storage tank, you can reach Ram Services and Sales in Nagpur for Water Purifier Filter Replacement, and technicians can assist you better.

  1. Bad Taste and Odor of Water

Reason: Bacteria is one of the most prevalent causes of foul odor in your water supply. Bacteria may be growing in your drain due to simple things like soap, food, or hair that have been flushed down the drain unknowingly. It may emit a sewage-like stench or a rotten egg odor near your drain. Bacteria will multiply if allowed to stay.

Solution: While living in a highly polluted environment increases your chance of contracting severe illnesses like cholera, E. coli, and salmonella. The good news is that a RO water purifier lowers your risk of exposure to such diseases by filtering out 99 percent of germs in the water you drink.

  1. Slow Pressure of Water

Reason: Defective faucets and fixtures might cause water pressure issues. Check for blockage or corrosion that might be delaying water flow if you’re experiencing low pressure in a particular region.

Solution: A RO purifier must have a pressure of at least 40 to 60 pounds per square inch (psi) to function correctly. There might also be a problem with the water storage tank. The water tank features an air bladder that operates quicker depending on how much water keeps in the tank. As a result, more water equals higher pressure. When the bladder leaks, it does not release much pressure, causing the water to trickle slowly from the faucet. It is recommended to replace your water filter right away.

  1. Water Leakage

Reason: The water delivery system wastes a substantial quantity of water. Water leaks have been a big issue in many parts of the globe. In certain nations, water loss due to leaks in the supply network surpasses 40% of the total amount of water in the system.

Solution: The “air gap leak” is a common source of water leaks in most faucets. An air gap is an essential part of the reverse osmosis process and a valve stops water from going back into the reverse osmosis machine. If water leaks from the faucet, certain pieces of your reverse osmosis system are not adequately linked.

  1. Vibrations and Noise in Purifier

Reason: Vibrations are a typical issue with water purifiers. It frequently occurs after a recent filter change in the water purifier. It is common for your water purifier to start producing strange sounds, and there is nothing to worry about.

Solution: Contact Ram Services and Sales in Nagpur for the visit of RO technician to determine the problem and take the appropriate measures.

  1. Excess Wastewater Volume

Reason: All RO water purifiers generate reject or wastewater regardless of brand or model. This RO reject water includes dissolved solids and is unfit for human consumption. The cause for this is the high TDS concentration and salt content of reject water.

Solution: If your purifier is generating an abnormally large volume of wastewater, there is a strong indication that the RO membrane is clogged with the dissolved particles. Contact Ram Services and Sales in Nagpur for the visit of RO technician to resolve the issue.


Best Water Purifier Services – Ram Services and Sales

We provide the best water purifier services in Nagpur, and we have a team of expert technicians to provide timely and cost-effective service, which is highly regarded by our current consumers. Furthermore, Ram Services and Sales is the sister concern of Ram Coolers – the trusted brand of metal air coolers in India, so you can rely on the parts supplied for the quality and warranty.



Drinking clean water is critical for good health, and reverse osmosis (RO) systems are essential in eliminating hazardous chemicals from drinking water. Whenever water purifier fails to perform effectively, quality of water is compromised and it can have adverse effect on the human body. Therefore, it should be serviced or repaired immediately to keep hazardous elements and germs away from the human body. Ram Services and Sales in Nagpur provides you with solution to all the problems commonly related to water purifiers.


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