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Do you want to know the only disadvantage about living in a tropical country? – Hands down, the oppressive heat and humidity.The summer time in tropical zones has a curious effect on our energy levels and sleeps quality. With each degree increase in temperature, you get more uncomfortable with your surroundings. To get over this mental upheaval, you seek areas where you may find calm and quiet.

While most individuals are ready to purchase an air conditioner to alleviate the problem, some may find the additional expense of installation and increased utility bills difficult to stomach. Fortunately, a traditional air cooler seems to be the ideal solution to the summer heat and exorbitant utility expenses.

Various shopping spaces provide an extensive range of the finest air coolers in India. This provides us with multiple options, but also leaves purchasers scratching their brains over which one to acquire. Especially when you need to cool bigger space, the choice needs to be right so as to achieve best performance without much burden of electricity bill.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best air coolers for large area cooling in India to make the summer season tolerable, if not delightful.

Let’s first understand, how an air cooler can be of great use during the summer!

Apart from being environmentally friendly, an air cooler is also highly cost-effective in the long term.

  • Saves Energy

Do you know that air coolers consume just 10% power compared to air conditioners? Their power consumption is so little because they use electric motors than the air – compressors. Therefore, the overall running cost is significantly lesser in case of air coolers.

  • Simple installation

Unlike an air conditioner, air cooler does not need the installation. Installing a 1.5-ton split AC typically costs between Rs.1500 and Rs.4000. So, by opting for an air cooler, you may avoid the installation charges.

  • Product cost

Furthermore, air conditioners are much more expensive, which may not be within the budget of the typical user. An excellent AC, for example, can cost you roughly Rs.30,000, which is much higher than the price of a premium cooler.

So, now when you’re aware of the cost-effective advantages of air coolers, next step is to look into the finest budget air coolers suitable for your cooling requirement. Various types of air coolers, such as portable air coolers, window coolers or duct coolers are available,which provide filtered air and a lovely scented wind. Large, open, or semi-open settings benefit from industrial and jumbo air coolers. Industrial coolers are developed with a heavy focus on cooling performance and are utilized for window installation or ducting, whereas jumbo coolers are large capacity portable coolers. Here, we will discuss various product options from Ram Coolers available towards large area cooling:

Jumbo Air Coolers / Tent Air Coolers

This elegant jumbo might cool your space to the point that you start appreciating your surroundings. You won’t have to wait minutes to feel the cooling impact of these air blowers. And may enjoy the scenic view of your garden by sitting in the center without worrying about the weather. They are not only the most excellent cooling equipment, but they are also portable.

Top two types of jumbo coolers from Ram Coolers’ are given below:

  • Kailash & Everest Tent Coolers/ Large Jumbo Coolers

The large capacity coolers, Kailash 90i, Kailash 2400H, Kailash 2800H and Everest 2800i are suitable coolers to cool large open area with big gatherings. They can effectively cool an area upto 2400 to 2800 Sft. Being portable coolers, these big coolers are excellent solution for cooling large open places such as fuel bunks, temples or mosques, industrial sheds, party lawns and party halls.


  • Jumbo1900H-1&1900H-4 Coolers

Cooling devices, such as air conditioners and coolers cause an artificial shift in temperature, and direct exposure to air-coolers should be avoided since it impairs the body’s natural defensive system. This large capacity jumbo cooler with heavy-duty wheels for easy movability has long distance air throw with a wide spread and is able to cool about 1900 square feet area.

Industrial Coolers

Industrial coolers are intended for factory floor, window fitment, or ducting. These coolers are designed with superior cooling performance in mind. They have a football for a permanent water supply connection to the cooler and a large water tank to keep water levels stable for a more extended period. They function efficiently with little user intervention. These coolers successfully reduce the total temperature of the cooling region and do not require air diverters for direction. Depending on the more excellent type, industrial coolers may cover an area ranging from 1100 Sft to 2800 Sft. The four types of industrial air coolers are:

Industrial Cooler model IND 1200H / IND1400

100% Galvanized steel body or MS angle body with galvanized steel sheet with larger tank capacity for overnight operation and with float ball installed.They have 3 side cooling pads and front air discharge to give a very effective cooling in dry climate and can easily cover 1200 to 1400 Sft area during peak summer. They are used as mainly used as floor standing or window coolers for the shop floor.

Industrial Cooler model Force 1800H / Force 1800P / Force 2700P

These wall hanging models are best suitable for the ducting system and are connected to the duct system from the outside. These models can easily cover the cooling requirement of area ranging between 1000 to 2000 sft area, when connected to the ducting system.

Industrial Cooler Model IND 1500 / IND 1900 / IND 2400

These are heavy-duty coolers that are specifically intended for continuous operation and are ideal for cooling areas from 600 Sft to 2000 sft. These coolers are ideally installed via a window from the outside or through a ducting system.

Industrial Cooler Model IND 1700 / IND 2200 / IND 2800

These are heavy-duty coolers that are specifically built for continuous operation. The coolers are readily connectable to the ducting system from the outside. They can easily cover an area of 700 Sft to 1800 sft, when connected to the ducting system.

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