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The monsoon season offers bliss as well as anguish. As much as we like the heart-warming drizzles, the danger of waterborne infections increases with heavy rains all around. And the first question that comes to mind is, “Is the water that we drink genuinely safe?”

Even if you use the best filters, cleaners, or technologies like RO, you will be surprised to learn that most infectious diseases during monsoon season are caused by drinking water. Even the best filtration process may become ineffective in preventing chemicals, viruses or bacterial outbreaks from seeping into your filtered drinking water. This article convers some simple tricks to ensure safe drinking water during this monsoon season. We will also mention the best doorstep RO services in Nagpur.

Did you know contaminated water is the number one cause of illness?

Inadequate sanitation and water contamination have been related to spread of illnesses caused by tiny organisms such as viruses and bacteria that enter the body via contaminated water or contact with waste.Individuals are exposed to avoidable health hazards when water and sanitation facilities are unavailable, insufficient, or poorly managed.

The most frequent diseases are:

  • Typhoid Virus
  • Cholera
  • Giardia
  • Dysentery
  • The bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli)

How does tap water get contaminated during Monsoon?

The majority of water pipes run underground in many large cities. The subsoil water level increases during monsoon, resulting in seepage through defective pipes and contaminating the drinking water that goes through the kitchen faucets. Underground storage tanks in various housing complexes and structures may also get contaminated due to seepage of subsoil polluted water.

Second, many subterranean pipelines are old and corroded and may leak heavy metals into the water. This raises the possibility of metallic contamination of drinking water.

Mingling of sewage and drinking water lines is another dangerous reason of cross-contamination during the monsoon season. Human or animal feces include bacteria that may cause devastating illnesses, including typhoid, diarrhea, jaundice, cholera, and so on.

Tips to make water healthy inside home

Waterborne infections are typically transmitted by polluted water. A person becomes ill after drinking dirty water or using it for cooking. Consuming food prepared with polluted water might result in serious stomach illnesses. During the monsoon season, keeping water clean is essential.

1. Go Warm

Warm water also improves digestion by dissolving fat stored in the inner walls of the colon, lowering the risk of intestinal cancer, and flushing toxins from the body. Drinking warm water relieves chest congestion since nasal congestion is frequent during the rainy season. Warm water also helps flush out the mucus in the air channel and lungs, soothing relief from sinus and sore throat.

2. Take Sips of Lemon water or green tea

Indian cuisine has various substances with therapeutic properties, greatly enhancing the immune system. Lemon water and tea are two items commonly produced and consumed in the nation. Lemon water is a refreshing drink and an easy way to add a little extra vitamin C and antioxidants into your diet and thereby helps improve digestion, detox the body, or promote weight loss.Teas on the other hand, come in various varieties, each with its own set of characteristics. Tea, especially green tea, is a rich source of flavonoids, bioactive compounds that can lessen oxidative stress, relieve inflammation, and provide other health benefits to keep you healthy throughout the year.

3. Prepare infused water

Detox water or infused water is a simple drink made by adding fruits, herbs, and sometimes spices to drinking water, that can help you stay fit. It acts on the gastrointestinal system to eliminate toxins which lead to a poor metabolism, dullness and fatigue and weight gain. These infused waters are easy to make and have so many flavour possibilities, too.

4. Drink Purified Water

Reliable water filter installation may significantly reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases. Water purifiers with UV, RO, and UF technologies ensure that your drinking water is safe, clean, and healthy. These purifiers enhance the taste of water by separating salts, heavy metals, organic pollutants, pesticides, VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms.


Ram Sales & Services – Easy installation and doorstep services for RO Purifier

To protect ourselves from the dangerous effects of contaminated water, all of us must take the necessary precautions to ensure quality of our drinking water. RO water purifiers clean the polluted water and make it as pure and healthy as possible. Ram Services& Sales provides installation and the best doorstep RO services in Nagpur. Ram Service & Sales is a Certified RO servicing companies in Nagpur and is undoubtedly the best RO servicing companies in Nagpur.

You may have the latest model of RO water purifier with you but until you get it serviced on regular intervals and get the filters changed on periodic basis, you may not get the desired quality of drinking water. Even the good brands sometimes have issues in providing timely services and many a times, customers find getting the service from these brands to be heavy on their pocket.

If you are from Nagpur, all you need to do search is, RO service agencies near me, and there you find Ram Services and Sales – the experts for providing installation, breakdown as well as comprehensive warranty for your RO water Purifier. With comprehensive warranty for your RO water purifier with Ram Services & Sales, you will have uncompromised and guaranteed access to safe, clean, and healthy drinking water. Book the service for your RO Purifier today with Ram Services & Sales to protect yourself and your family from harmful waterborne infections during this monsoon.

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