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Air coolers are the most important cooling appliances during summers, particularly in hot, dry climates. Their cost effectiveness and environment friendliness has boosted their appeal.

Considering the multiple number of brands and then wide choice of models, choosing the correct air cooler suitable to your requirement has become complicated. There are many types of air coolers and further many extra features to consider and one definitely needs some simple purchasing tips to select a best suitable model.

The level of after-sales support provided by air cooler companies also varies. Some brands offer exceptional service, including replacements and free repairs, while others provide little to no service. It is highly important to evaluate the availability and ease of getting after-sales service before taking a final purchase decision.

Since coolers are easy to service, post sales service dependence on the brands is not essential. There are couple of service organizations offering quality service for various cooler brands. Responsiveness, transparency, and customer service are the key characteristics to rate the quality of service from the service organizations.

Let’s understand the advantages of air coolers and then discuss about the quality-of-service aspect for these devices.

Advantages of an Air Cooler

Cooler Efficiency at Different Temperatures

Air coolers are the most effective in hot and dry conditions. The operation of air coolers depends on the process of water evaporation into the atmosphere; if more water evaporates, the resulting air will be colder. The air cooler is operating in a low temperature and high humidity area, the water from air cooler will not evaporate and the resulting air will not chill to the same amount as it would in dry hot climate.As a result, the greater the degree of humidity, the less effective the air coolers are.


Air coolers are comparatively much cheaper than other cooling appliances like ACs. Furthermore, the air conditioner typically covers a limited area and cannot cover an open space.So, invest wisely! Even if you purchase a portable air cooler, it can offer an effective cooling for a small space and is relatively affordable. Even portable air coolers outperform air conditioners in dry hot climate. It is definitely a wise investment as they are inexpensive, and the owner can finish the installation without any external help.

Installation and maintenance

Air coolers are very simple devices to set up. An adult can easily do the task. Because the air cooler’s job is to convert heated air to cold air, it just needs to be placed near a window.There is no hose to attach or compressor to deal with, as with air conditioners.

The air cooler needs continuous supply of outside warm air, it chills this air and pushes into the room to ensure cooling of the room space. Just fill water in the bottom tank and start by plugging in the item.According to the instructions, keep the window/door a little open so that fresh air enters the room and stale air can move out from the room and you can ensure the cross–ventilation in the cooling area.

Which air cooler company gives the best after sales service in Nagpur?

Cooling appliances including air coolers degrade over time like any other equipment. With each passing year, an air cooler loses its efficiency, and these inefficiencies worsen in the absence of sufficient monitoring or routine maintenance, resulting in significant annoyance. The good news is that Ram Services & Sales, most dependable air cooler service firm of Nagpur, has delivered excellent cooling service for decades. If you seek Air Coolers Service in Nagpur or are looking to buy authentic and good quality spares for your air cooler, Ram Services & Sales offers you the best solution for Air Cooler maintenance. The knowledgeable and skillful team from Ram Services & Sales ensures that your air cooler runs on optimum energy efficiency to provide excellent air distribution, and exceptional indoor air quality.

Customer Satisfaction Commitment and Quality Orientation

The Ram services and sales believes in offering timely service to the clients and the dedicated team of technicians ensures that their quality service is available at an affordable price to all the customers. With the commitment to offer only quality parts, Ram services and sales supplies only genuine spares with applicable warrantee towards replacement and these electrical parts carry 1 year warranty from the date of replacement.You can also avail comprehensive AMC of your air cooler from Ram service and sales so that routine maintenance for your cooler is taken up at timely interval and you can enjoy your cooler for many years.

The Market Leader

Ram services and sales is the sister concern company for Ram Coolers, which has been in cooler business for several years and has earned a reputation for being the best in industry.Ram services and sales takes care of 2 years of warranty service for Ram Coolers in Nagpur city and also provides post warranty service for all cooler brands.We also provide installation and maintenance service for geysers and RO water purifiers in Nagpur city, and are unrivalled in terms of after-sales service.

Customer Satisfaction History

Because of our commitment to provide excellent after-sales care, Ram service and sales has generated a long history of delighted clients in Nagpur city. And if you buy an air cooler from Ram Coolers, you can be confident that we will take good care of your cooler during warranty and also post warranty.


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