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As winter approaches, the geyser becomes an essential household appliance. No one enjoys taking a cold-water bath in the dead of winter. When we take a shower with warm water, it keeps our body temperature uniform and comfortable.

With winter hitting our homes, it’s time to purchase a new geyser or get the electric geysers repaired soon. High-investment items usually need thorough evaluation in advance as a wrong decision could result in wastage of both our time and money. It is highly inconvenient if you have just bought a new appliance, and it starts giving troubles in very short intervals. Choosing the right appliance is essential since we don’t want to make the same mistake repeatedly by buying wrong item.

The consumers who do not care to educate themselves about the equipment they want to purchase mostly encounter these troubles.You need a little knowledge to purchase the greatest geyser from the shop. Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best geyser for your house.

This article will also guide you if you are looking for geyser repair in Nagpur, and Ram Services and Sales is the go-to store.There are several different kinds of electric geyser repair services available based on the type of geyser.

  1. Storage Geyser

A storage geyser with an in-built insulated water tank is a product feature. Every storage geyser has a variable storage capacity, ranging from six to 30 liters and even the bigger sizes are also available. These are the most well-known geysers, which need to intake of water in their storage tank, which is then heated in few minutes to set temperature before emitting hot water. They have temperature range button to set the output water temperature between 50 to 95 degrees Celsius. Large capacity tanks take up more space and are therefore unsuitable for small bathrooms.

  1. Instant Heater

Instant heaters are one of the most common types of water heaters used for household activities. These devices usually range from 1 to 3 liters and are usually suitable for kitchen related activities in the nerve breaking winters in India. They are easy to install type of geysers and professional installation is necessary to ensure proper spacing and fitting of these geysers. Ram Services and Sales in Nagpur can provide quick support service activities in such cases.


Tips For Selecting the Right Geyser for Your Home

Consider Family Size and Space

If you are a single person or a couple that needs a small quantity of warm water, you should get an Instant Geyser. These geysers do not have built-in storage and quickly provide hot water. These geysers typically have volumes ranging from 1 to 3 liters. Instant geyser is an excellent solution for small bathrooms, households, and kitchens. They may also fit efficiently into the smaller space.

Size of Storage Geyser

Geyser is an excellent option if you have a large or combined family and a high need for hot water since it includes an internal storage tank that can hold 6 to 50 liters. An optimal projected storage water heater with a storage tank capacity of 15 to 25 liters may adequately meet the hot water needs of a nuclear household.

Various Design Preferences

New-age consumers are informed, empowered, and demanding; they need more sensible solutions that handle their troubles and complement their spaces. The same is true for geysers, with customers today looking for beautifully designed geysers that complement the design and decor of their kitchens or bathrooms. Brands now consider precisely prepared geysers in unique sizes, embellishing samples, and presentations to entice customers.

Examine Energy Consumption

A 5-star rated water heater uses less energy to heat water, saving you money and adding less to your costs. Always install a high-rated water heater capable of lowering your monthly energy expenditures. You must select the best geyser for your property. Higher star-rating water heaters are more expensive to acquire initially, but they save a lot of money over time.

Warranty and Repair of Geysers

You must consider warranty terms while acquiring a geyser. Every brand in the market offers warranty however, each brand has a unique warranty duration. It is therefore important to compare the duration and terms from different brands to arrive at the final purchase decision.

If the brand warranty of your geyser has expired, Ram Services and Sales offers a list of repair services and amazing warranty packages on all the brands. We also undertake geyser installation, uninstallation and breakdown services. Our service executives are just a call away and are available 7 days a week for any quick check and suggestions.


When is a geyser repair service required?

A water heater, or geyser, as its most commonly known in India, requires the very same (if not more) attention as any other electrical appliance. Though manufacturers make the finest components that can withstand continual heating and cooling, even then the parts wear out with time,when subjected to continuous usage.

Water leakage is one of the most common problems and signs that requires expert attention to resolve the problem. There can be multiple reasons for leakage, and the common ones are; poor water connection points, improper installations, geyser break down etc. Geyser not working suddenly, temperature control not working properly or water not heating to the required levels can be few of the other reasons for which you may want to get your geyser checked. Proper inspection from trained professions in a timely fashion can help avoid bigger damages. Trained professionals from Ram Services and Sales can understand the urgency of your problems and are readily available for quick services.

Bottom Line

One must evaluate the most critical factors of the appliance when selecting a geyser for house. Ram Services & Sales is a reputed company that provides all types of electric geyser services as well as installation and un-installation services in Nagpur.


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