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When temperatures rises and your air cooler or centralized air-cooling system breaks down, we’re here to save your life. Ram Services & Sales offers routine Air Cooler maintenance services and annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) to improve the effectiveness and usefulness of commercial and residential air coolers as well as centralized air-cooling systems. We know that in our area, where the weather is mostly hot and dry, we can’t afford to have broken or faulty air coolers. Hence, we have trained and professional technical team in place to serve you.

Regular check-up of air coolers will help you

  • Maintain better cooling system
  • Evade sudden breakdowns of air coolers
  • Cut utility costs by improving energy consumption
  • Expand air coolers life and performance


Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) and routine maintenance services basically help to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial and residential air coolers. You can be rest assured that Ram Services & Sales will provide you with the best air cooler maintenance in Nagpur when you sign up for an Annual Maintenance Service Contract.

We have emerged as a leader in air cooler servicing contracts, thanks to comprehensive requirements from our loyal customersandour vast experience. Ram Services & Sales is one of Nagpur’s best Air cooler maintenance service centres. For a better and healthier performance of air coolers, our skilled professionals offer top-notch services that ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of the appliance at the convenience of your home or workplace.


We offer AMCs of residential and commercial air cooler units, which include the following:

Complete Cleaning: Cleaning the complete air cooler inside and out.

Repainting and repair: Complete repainting of the cooler unit when necessary, and being available for installation uninstallation and repairs.

Cleaning of filter: Filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly based on its condition, to keep your air-cooling system running smoothly and efficiently. Commercial and domestic customers can avail our annual maintenance contracts that cover inspection, cleaning and replacement.


Our Annual Maintenance Package includes the following aspects:

  • Scheduled maintenance visits based on your desired dates
  • Tracking of annual maintenance contract
  • Supervise and clean the system
  • General maintenance work under annual maintenance contract
  • Technician report and recommendation during each visit
  • Prioritize repair/service calls.


Key Objectives of the Annual Air Cooler Maintenance Agreement:

  • Extended life of your air cooler
  • Saving your money and reduce energy consumption
  • Optimal use of our services for you
  • Enhance air quality
  • Reduced risk of air cooler failure or repair


Through an annual maintenance plan that is broken up into quarterly maintenance, the air cooler maintenance contract aims to prevent future issues with your equipment, such as leaks, broken parts, and general problems. Even though you can wash the air cooler filters at any time, deep air cooler cleaning in Nagpur should be done at least once a year, or even every three months, depending on the conditions and the environment in which it is installed. Ram Services & Sales is one of the most dependable annual air cooler maintenance companies, which is only a phone call away if your air cooler is experiencing any issues. Our experts are the ideal fix to keep up with your centralized air-cooling framework.

Wait no longer until summer hits its peak. We support all our contracted and non-contracted customers for annual air cooler service with a full 364-day call and phone service.

Call now to sign the annual maintenance contract 9284004267 / 9960010998 and get the best annual air cooler repair and maintenance deals today.

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