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If you are wondering how to clean the water tank of your reverse osmosis system and how often you should clean it? And if you are as confused as others and have these questions in your mind… Don’t worry, we’re here to answer all your questions.

Keeping your reverse osmosis system maintained is much more important than keeping your refrigerator and washing machine in proper condition. There is a chance for growth of microorganisms and possibility of water born infections if regular cleaning of RO tank is not taken up. To protect yourself from this contamination, you should clean your RO as per the instructions mentioned by your brand. It is highly recommended that you clean or sanitize your RO storage tank at least once a year or twice if your input water supply is not of high quality, and follow some more tips given below.

Why do you need to clean the RO tank?

Everyone normally talks about the periodic replacement of filters or membrane for the RO system, but in the process, we tend to forget discussing about periodic cleaning of storage tank for the RO. Contaminated tanks can ruin all the effort of your expensive multi-stage RO system, because the quality and purity of your drinking water from your RO system depends not only on the change of filters or membrane but also on the regular cleaning of your RO storage tank. If contaminants build up in the tank, there will be growth of sediments and bacteria’s in the tank over the period of time and there will be high possibility that RO system becomes ineffective and quality of drinking water could be affected. By cleaning the tank of RO system regularly, these sediments are removed and the RO system performs at its peak.

Tips for maintaining RO filter purifier

Below are some of the tips to keep your RO system working properly and long-lasting:

1. Check the manufacturer’s instructions

No matter which brand you are using, a user manual or the guide always comes along. The manufacturers often describe how to set up and maintain ROs for a longer time in this guide.

You will get the complete guidance and all the details about when you should replace the purifying membranes, how often you should clean them. By following the instruction given in this user manual, you will not only ensure the quality of water from the system, but will also ensure the long-term efficient performance of RO system.

2. Test the quality of your incoming water

You must check the quality of your inlet water supply to understand how frequently you need system cleaning or the change of filters. In some cases, where quality of inlet water is not upto mark, you need to frequently sanitize your storage tank and also replace the membranes.

3. Cleaning of unused tank

Your RO water purifier must be in regular usage for the better functioning of RO. A water tank serves as a storage tank for water purification. Water in the storage tank will get contaminated of stored water is not used or consumed for a longer period. There is high chance for bacteria or microorganisms to accumulate in the water tank thus leading affecting its functioning or sometimes causing blockage. It is therefore advisable to sanitise or clean the water storage tank before reuse if water purification hasn’t been used for a long time or for few days.

4. Cleaning of tank as a remedy for foul smell

You may sometimes experience weird smell from the RO purifier, like rotten eggs. A foul odor can be caused by high sulphur content in the water, or by an accumulation of sulphur in the storage tank. In addition, the odour or foul smell can also be result of bacteria or other particles accumulating in the tank, which can directly and affect your health! This smell is common problem faced when you don’t clean the storage tank for a long time. So, sanitising the water tank atleast once a year along with replacement of filters will be the best option to ensure healthy water from RO.

5. Regular replacement of RO filters

RO filters require regular maintenance services, cleaning or replacement of the filters and membrane every 6-8 months for proper functioning. Sometimes people tend to ignore the change of filters. That would directly affect the speed of RO, quality of water, and the overall functioning of the RO System.

Some of the filters which need regular cleaning or replacement are as follows:

  • Sediment filter:

    The sediment filter is critical for removing sediment components like dirt, from the water.. The dirt accumulates on the sediment filter thus leading to choking of filter and the filter stops functioning. This sediment filter layer in the water purifier should be replaced every 4 to 6 months

  • Carbon filter:

    Another membrane of filtration next to sedimentation is a carbon filter that filters chlorine, maintains the taste of water, and removes the odour of your water. Periodic change of carbon filter helps you maintain the odor of output water.

  • RO membrane servicing:

    A semipermeable membrane of RO purifiers that allows water to pass through without impurities. This membrane needs replacement every 1.5 – 2 years, depending on the TDS level of the water.


It is not necessary to hire RO specialists to maintain your water purifier. Keep in mind the tips mentioned in the manual help guide, which will help you maintain your RO without causing any damage to your RO system.

Our team from Ram Services and Sales is always available if you need additional assistance or if you are unable to resolve RO issues on your own. Listed below are the services we provide in Nagpur.

List of Service for RO water purifiers in Nagpur

  1. Uninstallation / Installation;
  2. Regular Servicing;
  3. Service for breakdowns;
  4. Contract for annual maintenance

Regardless of the brand of RO water purifier, our expert team can provide prompt installation and repair service. All parts replaced in the course of water purifier service and repair are covered by a three-month warranty.

We can be reached by phone

Phone: 9284004267 / 9960010998,
Phone: 0712-2719596 or 2729597
(Office hours: 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

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