Air Cooler Service

List of services for air coolers:

  1. Installation / Uninstallation;
  2. Cleaning;
  3. Painting (If the coolers is the metal body);
  4. Change of Pads;
  5. Packing;
  6. Breakdown Service;
  7. Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer maintenance and repair service for air coolers of all brands and provide 1 Year warranty for all the replaced electrical parts. Our expert team is capable to provide prompt service for metal or plastic residential as well as industrial air coolers. Ram Services and Sales also provides the free warranty service for Ram coolers in Nagpur City. To obtain Ram Coolers warranty service within 24 months from the date of retail purchase, you must produce the dated Proof-of-Purchase document.

Situations when you need Air Cooler repair Service:

If the Air cooler is not working when power is switched on, you can check the main power supply. If there is no issues in power supply then some component of air cooler (Wire, Regulator or Motor) may be damaged and may need replacement.

Check for electrical connection of water pump and also the water circulation pipes. There could be some chocking of pipes leading to insufficient or no water flow. If everything seems fine, the call technician to check/replace the water pump.

Insufficient cooling could be due to the high humidity in external air or due to insufficient cross ventilation of the cooling area. If the weather is hot and dry and the cooler is placed in a proper ventilated area, then cooling pads of cooler may need replacement. Generally, the wood wool pads need a replacement every 1 to 2 years time and honeycomb pads need replacement every 3 to 4 years.

Broken wheel, rusting of cooler body, broken float ball, or any physical damage to cooler, packing of cooler can be few other occasions to call a technician for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In case of technician visits your place to check the RO Water purifier and you don’t want to proceed with the service, you will be required to pay the visit charge of Rs. 150.

Only quality spare parts are provided if needed during the servicing or repair. All the replacement electrical parts for Air Coolers come with a warranty of 1 Year.

Comprehensive service includes general cleaning of the cooler, change of wood wool / Honeycomb pads, Painting (For Iron Cooler), replacement of faulty part (If required).