What does comprehensive service of Air Cooler includes?

Comprehensive annual maintenance service includes general repair of air cooler, change of wood wool / Honeycomb pads, cleaning or Painting (For metal body air cooler) and replacement of faulty part (If required).

Why Book Ram Services & Sales for Air Cooler Service in Nagpur?

Our qualified and competent staff is capable to provide prompt Air Cooler service for all the brands at very genuine prices. We use only legitimate parts and also offer warranty for replaced parts. Furthermore, the service support comes with trust of brand Ram Coolers.

What is the quality of RO water purifier parts procured by technician?

Only quality spare parts are provided if needed during the repair or service of RO water purifier. All the replaced parts come with a warranty of three months from the date of replacement.

What does comprehensive service of RO water purifier includes?

Comprehensive service of RO Water purifier includes breakdown service requests and regular technician visits for periodical change of Pre-Filter Candle, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, and Membrane filter.

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List of services for air coolers: Installation / Uninstallation; Cleaning; Painting (If the coolers is the metal body

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