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Water constitutes most of the human body, and drinking polluted water in today’s contaminated environment can harm us badly and can deteriorate our health. It is therefore vital for us to drink only filtered and high-quality water,which is free of pollutants. Purchasing a home water filter is one of the most efficient methods of acquiring clean water and water filter has therefore become a necessity for every household. An efficient water filter may remove excess salts, suspended particles, and microorganisms. However, RO water purifier needs regular and periodic maintenance to provide clean and safe water.


Why use RO Water Purifiers?

Every 20 seconds, a kid dies due to a water-borne sickness. Consequently, to prevent potentially fatal water-borne infections, it is vital to filter the water you consume. RO water purifiers employ UV lights to eliminate germs and viruses and also filters out hazardous dissolved pollutants from water to make it safe for consumption. RO water purifiers from reputable companies employ modern mineral ROTM technology and a TDS controller to keep critical natural minerals in filtered water. Using municipal or tap water without first purifying it is dangerous since it includes a high chlorine concentration. Impurities in water may also alter the flavour of food you prepare. RO cleaned water enhances the flavour of your food by eliminating chlorine as well as other impurities, and you finish utilizing contaminant-free water to keep healthy.


List of Services for RO Water Purifier:

The article lists some of the common services which you might require for your RO water purifier and also speaks about some guidelines to keep in mind at all times:

Installation / Uninstallation

The installation of a water filter is a straightforward and quick operation. If you Google water purifier installation, you will find several articles and YouTube videos that will walk you through installing a water purifier in 10 minutes.

Guy, be cautious!!!

Yes, since a single error might disrupt water purifier operation, we recommend hiring a competent installation specialist.

The RO installation& uninstallation professionals are educated and install your purifier perfectly, ensuring that you obtain pure water regardless of the source. At Ram Service and Sales, we have experienced RO installation specialists for any assistance.


Regular Service

To get rid of increased water pollution and higher dissolved salts present in water these days, RO water purifiers have become mandatory in all residences and business areas. However, all the water purifiers need regular cleaning and replacement of filters and a regular check on quality of water output from the filter. Therefore, a periodic check of the filter is mandatory to get the appropriate quality of water from the filter.Ram Services and Sales in Nagpur provide a 360-degree solution for maintenance and repair of RO water purifiers.

Breakdown Service

The water purifier might have stopped working or may have some visible leakage issues, which require urgent intervention of service expert. Your water filter may become more vulnerable to breakdown if periodic maintenance and regular change of filter is not taken up.Ram Services and Sales in Nagpur has a team of expert technicians to handle the complains related to RO water purifiers and is capable to offer a prompt solution to any issue related to working of your RO water purifier.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Compromise in the quality of drinking water will be a direct compromise to health of our family. It is therefore necessary to have confidence in the quality of water our family drinks daily. Buying a good model of RO water purifier from a reputed company is just the first step to ensure good quality water. Until you keep follow the protocol of regular cleaning, maintenance and regular change of filters, even the best model cannot ensure the quality of water. All the reputed brands therefore recommend AMC for the water purifier so that periodic check and maintenance goes on to ensure high quality clean water. A yearly maintenance contract for RO from a reputable organization like Ram Services & Sales is useful for meeting the water quality standards and for reducing breakdowns.


Don’t believe your water concerns are gone just because you got a RO of a reputed company. Purchasing and installing a RO unit is just the first step. The filters and membrane of a water filtration unit get clogged soon depending on the quality of input water. Pure and safe drinking water can only be obtained when your RO unit is working properly. That will happen only when the RO unit is well maintained and filters are working properly. Regular servicing from Ram Services and Sales will help you maintain continuous operation of your RO water purifier. For better assistance regarding RO service, call us now.

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