differences between UV, RO and UF water purifiers


In today’s world, ‘Dirty water’ causes much more damage than just the water-borne illnesses. Contaminants such as arsenic, lead, and other harmful particles are potentially lethal in the long term and are the actual slow killers. In such cases, investing in a reliable water purifier will eliminate not only bacteria or viruses but will also remove other hazardous particle and solvents thus keeping you healthy. Clean drinking water technologies such as RO, UV, and UF are widely used in water purifiers and there is a unique distinction between these technologies and how they clean contaminated water to make it drinkable.

Water contains primarily four types of pollutants. They are:

  • Physical Impurities, which are visible impurities such as dust, mud, and sand.
  • Chemical impurities include color, odour, smell, and sour taste.
  • Hardness- Calcium, Magnesium, and other similar components
  • Microbiological impurities – Bacteria and Viruses

RO vs UV vs UF are the commonly used water filtration technologies to remove contaminants from water and the purifiers available in India utilize one of these or a combination of technologies to purify water. These technologies have different advantages and limitations. Let us give you a quick rundown of each of them so you can make an informed selection.


RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier

RO water purifiers employ a variety of technologies / filtration stages to purify water. It is referred to as a RO system since it uses the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane as its primary component. RO water purifiers employ sediment filter (for physical impurities), carbon filter (for chemical pollutants), UV Lamp and UF Membrane (for microbiological contaminants), and RO Membrane (For hardness). RO water purifier makes use of electricity to increase the pressure of the tap water and it works effectively if there is ample water supply in the house. For every 3 ltr of raw water through this water purifier, you’ll obtain one ltr of clean water and 2 ltr of contaminated water. This dirty water may help clean your house or other household tasks. A RO system with modern technology, such as a TDS control system and pH balance technology, may function well with nearly any water supply.


Water Purifier with UV Light (Ultraviolet Rays)

UV water purifiers employ UV lamp to release UV rays along with sediment and carbon filter. The UV water purifier needs energy, yet it works under normal pressure. These Purifiers are designed to remove physical, chemical, and microbiological impurities. Still, they are incapable of drawing hardness, so installing a UV Water Purifier for tap water with less than 200 PPM TDS is recommended and not for bore water, which is naturally more complex than tap water. UV-treated water kills germs and viruses, however, the dead bodies of these bacteria and viruses remain in the water, which is why sophisticated UV Water Purifiers utilize a UF Membrane in addition to a UV lamp to ensure that the remnant state of bacteria and viruses does not enter the pure water tank. The UV water purifier system is small and straightforward to maintain. It does not alter the flavor of water in the same way as RO does. UV rays pass through the water, killing bacteria. This technique is low-cost and chemical-free.

The downside of UV water purifiers is that they do not remove hardness from water and so they cannot be placed in areas where TDS levels exceed 200 PPM.


UF Water Purifier (Ultra Filtration)

This water filter works with typical tap water pressure and unlike UV purifiers, UF purifiers remove all bacteria and viruses from raw water. This technology works well without power and therefore if you live in a power-outage-prone area, it can be a priority technology. The sole disadvantage of this technology is that it cannot remove dissolved metals from water. You may use a UF water filter when confident that your water has no higher TDS or hazardous substances such as arsenic or heavy metals. If you are unsure about the dissolved solids in your water, RO is the best alternative. The UF water purifier removes all dust particles from the water, making it safe to drink. This system performs as well as RO with public or municipal tap water as this pipe water won’t contain harmful dissolved salts.

Both UF and RO are membranes. UF membrane has large filtering holes and it can filter out viruses but can’t remove salt molecules, unlike a RO membrane, where filtering holes are so tiny that it can even extract salt molecules from water.

UF water purifiers have a long lifespan and may last up to ten years before requiring substantial servicing from the manufacturer. Water from a UV water purifier is superior compared to the boiling water, which does not remove dirt, dead bacteria or eggs from the cooking water, while the UF membrane filters them all out.


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As you have learnt about different water filtration technologies and their advantages as well as disadvantages, it is very important to understand that these technologies work only if you take proper care and regular maintenance of your water purifier and get the filters checked and replaced from time to time as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Also, there will be sometimes the breakdown issues with water purifiers, which need to be attended well through an expert service technician.

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