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Nothing can be better than air coolers when it comes to beating the harsh summer heat. Summers are complete with an air cooler by your side because more than a fan is needed to save you from the rising temperatures of Nagpur.

An air cooler is a must-have for a stress-free and relaxing summer if you are from Nagpur. But your air cooler, like every other machine, requires proper maintenance. After using your favorite air cooler for a few months, it must undergo maintenance services from experts. Ram Services & Sales is among the best names in air cooler maintenance in Nagpur, which will ensure top-notch and expert services.

Why Should You Choose Maintenance Services For Your Air Cooler? 

If you notice issues with your air cooler, it’s time to get professional service. Air cooler maintenance services are an effective way to ensure better performance and durability of air coolers.

Here are some reasons why opting for professional maintenance services for air coolers is the best decision. All these benefits are enough to highlight why you need to consider the best air cooler repair services.

  • Right Skill and Knowledge: A professional has the appropriate skills and experience to handle an air cooler. With knowledge and efficiency about every kind of air cooler, professionals can fix all its issues smoothly.
  • Essential Tools: Professionals also have the tools to service an air cooler. Whenever any issue arises in your air cooler, you can rely on professionals, as they bring the tools and parts required for servicing.
  • Economical: Rather than ignoring the signs of issues and trying to fix them yourself, hiring a professional will be less time-consuming and inexpensive. They have expertise in this field and point out the exact issues and what needs to be repaired!
  • Warranty Protection: Though the air coolers come with a particular set of warranties, certain conditions may arise where you may tend to violate them. When you hire an unlicensed technician or try solving the issues yourself, you may further ruin it. Instead, you should hire an expert with a suitable skill set to solve these issues. Many companies even offer a warranty for a certain period of post-service.
  • Continuity: If you hire experts from a single company, it ensures the proper flow of continuity in the services of your air cooler. As the experts have a complete record of your cooler, it makes the entire servicing process fast and easier.

What’s In Comprehensive Air Cooler Maintenance Services? 

Although your air cooler may work fine for years, servicing it regularly will ensure it lasts a long time. And getting comprehensive maintenance is the best option to go with.

Here’s a list of all the services that might be included in professional air cooler maintenance services. 

  • Change the Cooling Pads: If you opt for professional services for your air cooler this summer, it will come with changing the pads, resulting in effective and faster cooling.
  • Cleaning: Do you feel your air cooler’s performance is gradually degrading? This might be due to the build-up of dust particles inside the cooler, affecting its efficacy! Even if you take out the cooler after a long time, its performance might need to be improved by the accretion of dirt within the cooler. Professional services will also include extensive cleaning of the cooler in and out!
  • Installation: Comprehensive maintenance services will also include installation or uninstallation services. Rather than doing it yourself, an expert with full knowledge of air coolers will be the right fit for this job.
  • Breakdown Services: By hiring an expert, you can be sure of getting breakdown services for your cooler at inexpensive rates!
  • Maintenance Contract: Comprehensive maintenance services will also bring maintenance contracts. Here, they offer a warranty for a certain period after servicing the cooler, making the entire process more convenient for you!

Apart from these, certain other services are included in comprehensive air cooler maintenance services. Routine inspection will also ascertain that your air cooler lasts a long time without compromising its quality!

Why Selecting Our Services Is Best For Your Air Cooler

You will find numerous service companies for air coolers in Nagpur, and choosing one can be exhausting. With Ram Services & Sales, you can be guaranteed only the best air cooler repair services. We have been serving happy clients since our advent in this field.

You can avail of any services related to your air cooler, as we have trained and experienced professionals to handle the same. Are you worried about finding the rare parts of your cooler? Leave that on us, as we offer services for a wide range of brands, including spare parts for air coolers too!

Besides that, we also ensure that the services we provide are quick and effective, along with offering warranty contracts.


Air coolers are a necessity in the summer, particularly in Nagpur. With different sizes and types, you have a wide range of air cooler options to meet your requirements! And to keep their quality intact for a prolonged period, getting maintenance services for air coolers is essential.

Regardless of its type, get the best air cooler maintenance services with our company from experts, which is more reliable than risking trying alone! Professionals will help you with a variety of repair and maintenance services for your air coolers without any hassle this summer. Get your air coolers ready for long usage with our professional range of services!

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