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Most RO systems may function for years without reflecting any significant issues. But after a certain period, it is inevitable to start facing trouble with your RO Purifier. Like every other appliance, your RO Purifiers require regular maintenance services, and ignoring the same may invite different issues.

Are you concerned thinking why is my RO purifier not working despite any signs of damage? To avoid this situation, you must seriously consider opting for proper maintenance of your cleaners so that it lasts long! An efficient RO Purifier is vital for your and your family’s health. With the help of this RO Purifier Troubleshooting guide, you will develop an idea about every possible problem with this appliance and solutions for the same!

An Overview of Basic Issues – A RO Troubleshooting Guide

Like every other domestic appliance, your RO purifier should undergo regular inspection and services to ensure access to clean and pure water for your family. You can hire expert RO Water Purifier repair services to complete this job professionally.

Here’s a complete list of all potential issues you may notice in your RO water purifier, along with their probable causes and solutions.

  • Constant Draining from The RO System: When the tank pressure is inappropriate, chances are high that there will be a continuous flow of water down its draining system. This issue is majorly caused by lower tank pressure, and you can experience issues like water wastage and irritable noises from the system. You can repressurize the tank to solve this problem. With water purifier services in Nagpur, you can get top-notch facilities and solve the constant draining issue.
  • Leaking System: Unlike other issues, it is easier to understand the leading cause behind the leaking RO system. It is even one of the fundamental issues people experience with a RO water purifier, as they find accumulated water near the system. The leaking RO purifier may be due to loose connections of the pipe connectors. If you notice a similar issue and want a durable solution, hire an RO water purifier service in Nagpur. The experts will carry out a thorough inspection and find out the actual cause of the water leakage.
  • RO Purifier Stops Functioning: Have your water purifier stopped functioning completely, and the tank is empty? Well, there can be various scenarios in this case. Firstly, check whether the main switch is turned on or off, and if the button is on, check the availability of the electricity supply. However, the other causes can be malfunctioning of internal parts or the need for replacement of filters. Finding the exact cause can be a tedious task if you try yourself! Instead, hire an expert with the proper knowledge and skill to inspect your RO purifier. They will identify the issues after inspection and solve them as they hold the expertise to do so!
  • Bad Taste or Foul Odour: Are you experiencing a difference in the taste or odour in the RO purifier’s water? A possible cause of this issue is chlorine’s presence, which happens if the system’s filters are not functioning correctly. To avoid this situation, consider changing the filters every year. Hire an expert for RO water purifier installation in Nagpur for better service!
  • Slow Water Flow: Just when you are about to have your first glass of water of the day and notice that your glass is not even half-filled, your system has low pressure and water volume. The expected reason causing this is a breakdown of the RO system’s storage tank. You can try lifting the tank, and if it’s heavy, then there is an internal issue causing lower water flow. To correctly identify the problems, call professional water repair services from Ram Services & Sales.
  • Vibrations In the System: Over the years of functioning, the RO pumps become quite noisy because they need to move faster to create the desired water pressure. However, if the pumps are not secured tightly, or the wires are loosely connected, it can produce vibrations and loud noise. To get rid of this issue, get RO Water Purifier repair services.
  • A Large Amount of Rejected Water: Producing wastewater is a part of every RO purifier, which contains particles that are unsafe for drinking. But, if the amount of rejected water is more than average, it indicates a problem with the RO membrane; it is probably getting choked. Failing to replace it correctly will accumulate solid particles on the membrane surface. Get the RO membrane replaced by RO water purifier home service, Nagpur.
  • Cloudy Water: Are you getting dirty water rather than clear and pure drinking water? This is another common problem that can keep you worrying. The root cause behind this issue can be worn-out RO membranes, excessive air bubbles in the water, improper installation of the RO, etc. Talk with an expert RO purifier service provider to find and fix the issues.


RO water purification plays an integral part in keeping your entire family healthy. You must look after its regular maintenance and servicing to ensure its sustainability. This troubleshooting guide will help you understand the fundamental issues you notice in RO purifiers and their feasible solutions.

Also, with the help of water purifier repair in Nagpur, get the best quality services and RO installation without hassle! At Ram Services & Sales, you can expect the best services within your budget from our expert and trained professionals!

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