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Air Cooler Repair Services in Nagpur

When we talk about Air Cooler Repair Service in Nagpur, the top three priorities that we need to look at are

  • If the company has trained technicians
  • Even if they are trained, are they also qualified electricians
  • What is the cost of service or repair and if it’s justifiable.

While we need to be very pragmatic in our approach, sometimes we do overlook some subtle factors with either a casual approach or an urgent need for the service, or simply by procrastination. In all these aspects, we practice negligence in getting the best service and repair of Air Coolers. There are quite a few aspects that need to be verified and weighed to ensure that you get a thorough, all-inclusive, and all-embracing repair and service of your Air Cooler in Nagpur, which guarantees the following:

  • Providing the best market price for the spare parts and accessories
  • Provide prompt Service assurance and professional efficiency to always serve on-time by the qualified technicians.
  • Authentic and genuine spare parts are procured from listed, certified, and licensed vendors.
  • Sound logistics that ensure timely procurement, and delivery of the spares and accessories to your service provider company by the vendors, which subsequently assures prompt service by the technical personnel.
  • Technicians who are at least a 4 or 5 stars rated indemnifies and warrants their knowledge and competence in handling multi-brands, which is significant in the ability to handle things in a prolific manner.
  • In the process of finding out the location of the company in my vicinity for Air Cooler Repair and Service, we need to take a note of the reviews and testimonials by existing and already served customers. As we look into the different sites to compare the above, we get a taste and an overall idea of connecting with relevant service people.
  • Lastly, in the pandemic scenario, it is also relevant to find out the safety measures followed by the technicians concerning health, hygiene, and social distancing.

Services Offered – Air Cooler Repair and services

In line with expectations, a company who is a seasoned player in the trade of Air cooler Repair and Service over a considerable number of years will have the domain expertise and comprehensive knowledge of all the small and large nuances of Air Cooler functioning, and therefore provide an end-to-end package from Installation to Maintenance.

The exhaustive and blanket services are for

  • Fan blade or water pump replacement
  • Check for the switches, regulator, wiring and connections.
  • Repairing of fan Motor
  • Investigation of less or no cooling of the Air Cooler which leads to replacement of the cooling pads or merely adjusting the same in uniformity
  • Repairing on any issues of pipes for water circulation
  • Water leakage maintenance
  • Rectification of noise issues
  • Cleaning of water tank
  • Ensure proper water inlet functioning
  • Installing, moving and re-installing, in such cases where proper ventilation becomes a stumbling block in cooling
  • Proper packing and restoration of your Air Cooler in the offseason or during hibernation in the winter months.

Providing a wide array of such services by the technicians who are experts and experienced in the field, added to on-call and prompt service and providing genuine products at the best value, ensures peace of mind of the customer with a continuous and smooth functioning of Air Cooler, year-on-year.

Benefits of Annual Air Cooler Maintenance

As you call for Air Cooler service in Nagpur, most of the leading and renowned Air cooler Service and repair companies insist on an AMC, which is the Annual Maintenance Contract for your Air Cooler.

An AMC is an agreement or contract between the consumer and the repair and service agency or service provider for a certain period of time (which in most cases has a validity of one year) for repair, service, and maintenance of your Air Cooler or machine in your property. Not only an AMC guarantees that you will always get genuine, branded and original spare parts and accessories during the contractual period, but also it saves a lot of money in unexpected costs which may arise due to the surprise malfunctioning of your Air Cooler.

The other major advantages of an AMC include expert technicians at your disposal as and when you require the same. Also, emergency support in unexpected adverse situations where the Air Cooler needs support, you can have the repair and maintenance personnel right at the job, which is just a call away!!


With numerous Air Cooler Service and Repair agencies and companies in Nagpur, it is both easy and difficult to choose the one which is ideally suited for your requirement. RAM Services and Sales, is one such company which has stood the test of time, stood tall among the others in similar trade and has an enviable record of existing happy and contented customers who have availed their services.

The most subtle and rather succinct list of reasons here will help you judge and conclude on why you choose and what are the benefits in choosing Ram Sales and Services for your Air Cooler repair and maintenance.

  • Highly competent, courteous, and skillful task force who have substantial knowledge, expertise, and goodwill in the trade ensuring that your Air Cooler is in safe hands.
  • In case needed, Ram Sales and Services provides authentic and high-quality parts during repair and maintenance and do not compromise on the classification. Not only that, but every electrical component comes with a one-year warranty.
  • A robust logistics system being in place, it is ensured that you get prompt and quick service from any of the expert technicians.
  • Comprehensive repair and service being the forte, you are assured of services from installation to maintenance, so that you can concentrate on other things where Ram Sales and Services solve your Air Cooler issues.
  • Ram Sales and Services also give you the flexibility of buying products or spare parts yourself to be used in repair, and maintenance of your Air Cooler! However, since we have a wide network of listed and established vendors from where genuine parts are procured; it is prudent that we can manage the best price for the same.
  • Ram Sales and Services provides breakdown services in Nagpur city and is one of a kind in the trade to provide a free of cost warranty for all replaceable electrical components for 365 days in the city! We also have the band-width for repair, service, and maintenance of all types and all brands of Air Coolers available in the market.

Needless to say, there is no doubt to find the best Air Cooler repair and service near you in Nagpur city, as we are just a phone call away!

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