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One of the most essential household items during winters is a geyser. People living in places with cold weather cannot imagine their lives without a geyser. A geyser or commonly called the water heater is used for many purposes. Many people choose to buy it online, whereas there are many who like to buy it from the local stores. Geyser gives you hot water very fast compared to traditional times where people used to warm water on gas stoves or over the fire.

With the advancement in technologies, geyser technology has also been remarkably up-graded. Geysers come in compact sizes this day and are highly durable and robust. They give you not only hot water but also save energy, Every house owner likes to buy such products which save space and of course money.

The first-time installation of the geyser is definitely a tough task. Once you get your geyser installed, it is your responsibility to keep it thoroughly maintained throughout the year, regardless of the fact that you are using it or not. In this post, we have given some useful tips on geyser installation and maintenance. We will first start with geyser installation tips.

Geyser Installation Tips

It is sincerely requested that you do not even think or try to install a geyser on your own. To save money, many people make such blunders. There are proper ways and procedures for installing a geyser. Therefore, for getting your geyser installed, it will be worth searching for some service provider, who offers Geyser Services in Nagpur. Following are some geyser installation tips:

  • Install geyser at an optimal height: Usually, geysers are fitted in the corner of a bathroom or the kitchen. They are mounted on the walls as per your requirement. While getting a geyser installed, you should keep in mind that a geyser is installed at an optimal height. You cannot install it either too low or too high. If you install it too low, then there are chances that the water splashes may get on it, due to which you might get electrocuted. On the other hand, you cannot put it too high as it becomes complicated to repair or service it when required. So, keep it at a safe distance.
  • Space around the geyser: Another very crucial installation tip is to fix your geyser in a spacious area. Ensure that your geyser should not be around any other electrical product like an exhaust fan or a tube light. Sometimes, the geyser gets overheated, which might cause an electrical burst. Many people like to place their geysers in the lofts. If you are doing the same, make sure that at least half a foot is clear.
  • Safe electrical connections and switches: Lastly, while getting the geyser installed, use safe electrical connections and switches. It is highly advisable to keep your geyser switch outside the bathroom (depends on your choice and requirement). The switch should be of excellent quality so that it can take the power of the geyser. Many people use cheap quality switches, which start melting, thus causing an explosion. While the wire is placed, make sure to cover them with proper and high-quality pipes. Do not let the wires be exposed.

You can look for geyser repair near me in Nagpur. You will quickly get experts who will come to your house and fix your geyser. Now, after you have installed your geyser, you have to do regular maintenance. Let’s take a look at some regular geyser maintenance tips.

Regular maintenance tips

  1. Please switch off the geyser when not in use: One of the most common and safest tips for your geyser’s longevity is to switch it off when you are not using it. Firstly, it will save a lot of electricity and also if you keep it on for very long, there can be overheating, which will spoil the geyser’s internal parts.
  2. Keep lower temperature settings: There are many geysers that come with temperature settings. Try and keep the temperature settings low. The high temperature might give you hot water very fast but will also consume a lot of electricity and might also overheat.
  3. Replace the anode rod after every few years: Make sure that you get the anode rod replaced after every few years. Old rods also lead to calamities like bursting the geysers and causing damage to other internal parts of the geyser. There are many geyser brands that give a warranty on the rod or other parts. You must keep the purchase receipt safe so that you can avail such facilities when the time comes to replace it.
  4. Use the metal inlet and outlet pipes: Using metal inlet and outlet pipes is the best option compared to plastic ones as they are more resistant to heat. At some point, plastic pipes start melting, and thus there is leakage of hot water, which might electrocute you or even damage the geyser.
  5. Never miss out on regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of geyser is very important. As mentioned above, even if you are not using the geyser (say in summer seasons) then, make sure to periodically contact the Geyser Repair in Nagpur to check your geyser and see whether anything has to be repaired or replaced.

Best Geyser service in Nagpur

Best Geyser service in Nagpur can be availed from Ram Services and Sales. Whether it is an installation of geyser, repair, or maintenance, they will do it all for you. They have a team of highly professional technicians and know all the technicalities involved in fixing a geyser, and can provide you the best Geyser Repair in Nagpur. Prompt services are provided with a three-month warranty on all the parts replaced during the repair work. The parts replaced are all genuine and of high quality.

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