Professional Air Cooler Repair Service

It is nearly impossible to think about life without an air-cooler at home or office during summer. Especially, when you are from Nagpur and the temperatures during summers soar, a fan alone will not help you at all. Only an air cooler can make you feel relaxed and is absolutely essential in Nagpur. People often feel that they can manage the maintenance of their air cooler themselves. We have jotted down a list of reasons why you should opt for a professional air cooler repair service. Let’s take a look:


Have Essential Parts and Tools

It is very difficult to get original parts for an air cooler while getting it serviced or repaired. In such cases, professionals can be of great help as they have all the essential parts and tools required.

Possess skill and knowledge 

An air cooler service professional comes with vast experience and knowledge about various types of air coolers and what is needed for the higher efficiency of an air cooler. That’s one of the significant benefits associated with employing an Air cooler service professional.

Continuity for the product maintenance

When you have single point contact with air cooler service professionals in Nagpur, there is continuity of the maintenance and service for your air cooler. The professionals keep a past record of maintenance undertaken and can rightly suggest to you the regular maintenance requirement of the air cooler.

Time and Money Will Be Saved

The Air Cooler Service professionals possess years of coaching and experience in fixing the issues, and these people can pinpoint the trouble with your air cooler more accurately. So calling a professional technician will not only save you a lot of time but your money as well.

Provide Warranty Protection

If you have purchased your air cooler from a well-known air cooler brand, you will usually get a warranty. A warranty is an assurance that the brand/manufacturer will repair your air cooler for free if anything goes wrong during the warranty period. But the warranty contract is also bound to certain clauses and conditions, which can result in the warranty getting void when clauses and conditions are not followed. If you DIY repair or decide to get your system repaired by an unlicensed technician, your warranty will be voided. That’s why you should not try any DIY repair on your air cooler, as you may be risking your warranty eligibility. It is also better to not call anyone other than the manufacturers or brand service for any trouble during the warranty period.

Once the warranty period expires, you will have to pay from your pocket towards the service/repair of any problem or issue with your air cooler. You can refer to Professional Air Cooler Service for fixing the problems with your air cooler post-warranty period.


Why Select Ram Services and Sales?

With many Air Cooler Services and Repair companies and individual within Nagpur, it is usually both simple and challenging to opt for the one that is ideally suited to your requirement. Ram Services and sales is a company with many satisfied and happy customers, who have availed our services.

  • Ram Services and sales offer breakdown services within Nagpur city and offer genuine, top quality parts during restoration and maintenance. Not just that, it offers a warranty for the changeable electrical parts for 365 days in the town!
  • Ram Services and sales also give you the versatility of buying required spare parts yourself, which are required during the repair and maintenance of your Air Cooler! However, since we already have a vast network of established suppliers from where authentic parts can be procured; we can provide the authentic spares at the best price.
  • With a powerful logistics system in place, it is usually ensured that a person gets prompt and quick service from our qualified and experienced technicians.

There will be no worry to find the best Professional Air Cooler repair service near you in Nagpur city, as we are only a phone call away!

What do we offer?

We offer services like:

  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Breakdown Service
  • Packing
  • Change of Pads
  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • Installation/ Uninstalling

It’s recommended that you get your air cooler checked regularly. During a routine inspection, the technician will make a thorough inspection to ensure everything is in good condition. Regular maintenance ensures optimal cooling efficiency and increases the overall life of your air cooler. It will reduce the likelihood of breakdown during peak summertime and will also help you avoid costly breakdown repairs.

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