Tips to Maintain Your RO Water Purifier

A reverse osmosis (RO) system removes various contaminants from water through a multi-stage filtration process. To make water safe to drink, the water filtration system uses a thin membrane to remove salt, chemicals, and impurities. This thin membrane (a polymer film) with very small pores allows contaminated water to pass through. Minerals and microorganisms in the water are filtered out by the membrane. The contaminants are flushed away through an exit pipe. However, you must correctly maintain the water purifier to ensure that you receive clean and safe drinking water. The water purifier will not perform well if it is not properly maintained, and you may end up drinking contaminated water. So, in this article, we’ll go through few recommendations for keeping your RO water purifier in proper working condition.


Regular Filter Changes

A water purifier generally uses three to five stages of filtration. Filters must be replaced on a regular basis as they become clogged with contaminants and stop working.

  • A filter cartridge separates sand and other sediments during the pre-filtering stage. The reverse osmosis membrane is protected during the pre-filtering stage. The pre-filter cartridge must be replaced every six to nine months.
  • A carbon filter removes chlorine and bad odour in the second step of the filtration process. Chlorine has the potential to damage the RO membrane and must be replaced on a regular basis, roughly every six to nine months.
  • The final stage is reverse osmosis, that removes leftover sediments from the membrane and drains them. After two to three years, you should replace the membrane. To fix this, either do it yourself or call Ram Services & Sales’ RO experts. The RO membrane’s condition is also influenced by the quality of your local water source.


Maintaining the RO Membrane

Water is pushed through the membrane at a pressure of 35 psi during the reverse osmosis stage. Only pure solvent is allowed to pass through the thin RO membrane, which separates the solutes from the solvent. Because the RO membrane is such an important part of the water purifier system, it must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that you get clean, safe, and tasty drinking water. To avoid blocking pores, the RO membrane should be changed every 2 years.


Cleaning and Sanitisation

The water purifier must be thoroughly cleaned by professionals, as the system could be ruined if the RO tank is disconnected. Your water purifier should be sanitised and recharged once a year. If you prefer to do it manually, specific sanitization kits are also available and can be purchased through various internet sites. The water purifier system also comes with a user handbook. Here are the instructions in case you lost it or were not given with one: Begin by turning off the water supply from the shut-off valve and then the mains supply from the water tank. A wrench is then used to disconnect the receiving water line from the RO tank. The sanitization kits can be used to clean the insides of the tank. After cleaning, you must reassemble the storage tank before turning on the water supply. After reassembling the system, you should avoid drinking the first batch of filtered water.


Keeping the exteriors of the water purifier clean

You should clean your system every 1 month to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Using soapy water from the outside of the water purifier on a regular basis would also serve. Also, make sure you clean the tap that is connected to the water purifier on a regular basis.

You can find professionals at Ram Services & Sales who will visit your home and provide the required assistance to extend the life of your water purifier. Some of the procedures can be completed by oneself, but you run the risk of damaging the device while reassembling it. When disconnecting the tank from the water source, you don’t have to worry about having the right wrenches.


Drips And Leakages

In case you notice any drips or leaks, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. If you don’t take proper measures, leaks in a water purifier might cause a lot of problems. Ask the professional to thoroughly inspect the water purifier to determine the source of the leak and protect the unit from further damage.


Annual Maintenance

If you want an efficient and trouble-free RO water purifier, we recommend having it serviced every 6 months by a trained professional. Make sure you hire a brand-authorized technician or someone you can trust for the job. Regular maintenance will keep the water pure and greatly reduce the chance of a serious problem with your RO purifier.



It’s necessary to keep a RO purifier in good working condition if you value your family’s health. Only if you follow the maintenance instructions, your RO water purifier can work at its best. Taking an active role in the maintenance of your RO filter will ensure that it always performs at its optimum and that its service life is extended.


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