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Due to increased pollution levels and poor water quality in many cities, a water purifier has become a need in every home. There are numerous water purifier models on the market with various features, however, characteristics of filters in these water purifiers are the most important factor. Filters and the RO membrane in a water purifier remove dissolved and suspended contaminants from drinking water, but after a few months of use, they get clogged and therefore become ineffective. As a result, it’s critical to maintain your water purifier on a regular basis and replace these filters on a regular basis to guarantee that you and your family are drinking clean water.

It is sometimes impossible to recall the purchase date of your water purifier or to remember when to change the filters with fresh ones. Here we’ll list down a few early warning signals that suggest it’s time to replace your water purifier’s filters and RO membrane.


Water is Dispensing slowly & with Lower Pressure

The impurities in the water block the filters inside a water purifier, especially in the case of water with high TDS levels. You may notice that the water pressure is lower than usual and that the water is dispensed slowly in this case. It’s possible that you’ll need to change the filters shortly to get your water purifier up and running properly.


Change in Water’s Taste & Odour

Certain harmful chemicals and unwanted particles are filtered out of water when it goes through different filters and the RO membrane. When filters become clogged, they don’t operate as well as they should, and impurities may end up in your drinking water. This might cause a little off flavour and odour in the water, especially if the carbon filters aren’t functioning properly. As a result, you may need to replace the filters soon.


Higher TDS Levels in Water

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is an indicator of the purity of water. TDS levels in impure water are high. When the filters start to wear out, the water may taste salty and be hard to drink. The presence of white spots on the drinking glass is another sign of high TDS levels in the water.

A TDS metre, which is easily available online or at hardware stores, can be used to monitor the TDS levels in your drinking water. Check the TDS of the water whenever you replace the filters and RO membrane in your water purifier and write it down somewhere safe for future reference. TDS levels that have risen dramatically suggest that either the input water quality has worsened or that it is time to replace the filters and membrane.


Water Appears Cloudy

Water in its purest form appears colourless and clear. If water lacks this quality, it indicates that it contains impurities. Filters that don’t work properly can leave water with a cloudy appearance, which isn’t considered safe to drink. Turbidity refers to the cloudiness of water, which can be detected by holding a glass of water against the light. If the water appears cloudy, it’s a sign that your water purifier’s filters and RO membrane need to be replaced.


Floaty bits or black mold

If you’ve noticed “floaty pieces” or black mould in your filtered water. Black mould is a type of fungus that can cause many health issues. If you notice mould in your filtered water, you’ll need to carefully clean the entire water unit (with disinfectants) and replace the filter, as mould spores will most likely be present.

If you want to be extra cautious, wash your hands after handling your old filter because you don’t want to contaminate your new filter when you install it.


Slippery water

If your mains water (input water) is soft with increased sodium and potassium ions, you get the slippery feel when you rub your fingers between water. However, if you get the same slippery feel  In the filtered water as well, your RO filter is not doing its job properly and needs to be replaced.


Alarm or Indicator Light on Your Water Purifier Gets Activated

Since the majority of customers forget to change their water purifier’s filters as per schedule, many manufactures include an alarm or indicator on their purifiers. When it’s time to replace the filters and the RO membrane, these devices are turned on.

Any of the above signs indicate that the water purifier has to be serviced right away, and in most cases, the filters and RO membrane need to be replaced.


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