Make Your Air Cooler Last Longer

Do you remember the days when your air cooler was brand new and shining? Like every other home appliance, ageing visibly reflects in the exterior of air cooler.Even the best air coolers in India demand regular maintenance as they are susceptible to issues like dust gathering, improper drainage, and sudden breakdown over time. To avoid this, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for extending the life of your air cooler. Let’s get started!


Keep your air cooler in an open space

Air coolers provide instant cooling by taking the outside hot air and passing it through the water curtain of wet cooling pads.As the air flows over these wet pads, evaporation of water from the surface of cooling pads absorbs the heat using latent heat of evaporation. The temperature of air thus lowers and humidity increases after passing through cooling pads.This cool humid air is then blown out from the cooler to the cool the desired area. This is the main mechanism behind air coolers. For continuous replacement of inside hot air with the cool air from air cooler, keep your air cooler in an open space or close to a window.

Regularly clean the exterior

You may think that your air cooler’s exterior requires no care, but this is not the truth! Because air coolers rely primarily on evaporative cooling, dirt from the exterior is quite likely to hinder their performance. So, wiping between the louvres and other surfaces that could collect dust on a regular basis can keep your air cooler clean and efficient.


Clean the pump regularly

The air cooler’s pump is its heart and soul. To ensure that it performs properly, clean it of any debris or dirt it may have collected. When hard water is forced into an air cooler, the deposits might cause the pump to clog. Investing in the best air cooler, which includes an Ever last hard water-compatible pump, will help avoid future pump jamming and keep it working smoothly.


Drain the water tank when not in use

Air coolers contain a water tank that must be filled on a regular basis in order to perform its function properly. It is also advisable to drain out existing stale water once a month so as to keep the cooler air fresh and cooling pads healthy. Auto-fill and auto-drain functions are now available on some modern and more advanced air coolers. The auto-fill option helps prevent damage from running an air cooler on an empty tank, and the auto-drain feature guarantees that the water in the air cooler is drained easily.


Clean the cooling pads once a month

The cooling pads are the primary reason why an air cooler can provide cool gusts of wind. They provide moisture to the air and cool it as it flows through them. Honeycomb and Wood Wool are the two most common varieties of cooling pads.When compared to honeycomb pads, wood wool pads are economical but are less durable,and therefore they require more frequent replacement.

Quick tip: Regardless of the pad used, it is critical to clean it on a regular basis for optimal cooling.


Proper care when not in use

When your machines are in continuous use, it is simple to take proper care of them. However,air coolers aren’t used all year. Therefore it is important to maintain air coolers not only when they are in use, but also when they are not. Maintaining the condition of the cooler by keeping them clean and storing them in good shape can go a long way.


Handle with care to enjoy long-term cooling

Placing air-coolers on uneven platforms, dragging them while they’re on, and interfering with the rotary blades can all be dangerous and cause air-coolers to quickly wear out. It is usually preferable to handle them with caution in order to enjoy long-term cooling.



While these recommendations will certainly help your air cooler run more efficiently, even the most efficient air coolers might experience minor troubles from time to time. When you buy an air cooler online or in a store, make sure you give the due attention towards its maintenance. To get the best air cooler for your house at an accessible price, check out Ram Coolers exclusive range of window coolers, desert coolers, tower coolers, and personal air coolers!


Get Annual Air Cooler Maintenance

Ram Services and Sales provides maintenance and repair services for all brands of air coolers, as well as a 1-year warranty on all replaced electrical parts. Our expert technicians can handle both residential and industrial air coolers, whether they are made of metal or plastic. In Nagpur City, Ram Services and Sales also offers free warranty service for Ram coolers. You must present the dated Proof-of-Purchase document to access Ram Coolers warranty servicing within 24 months of the date of retail purchase.


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