Simple Maintenance Tips for your Air Coolers


In terms of advantages, an air cooler ranks first among current air-cooling technologies. It provides effective cooling at the lowest possible cost while being environmentally friendly. It will be pretty inconvenient if your unit fails during a peak summer. Proper care of air coolers has various advantages; it improves performance, increases longevity, and prevents significant damage that may be costly to fix. The good news is that its maintenance of an air cooler is pretty straightforward. By following a few easy rules, you should be able to maintain your air cooler in excellent working order. Let’s dive into how air coolers work and how to keep them fit.


Air Coolers and their Use

An air cooler operates on the evaporative cooling concept, in which water evaporation is employed to chill the air. Sweating is a basic example of evaporative cooling in humans. As sweat evaporates, it absorbs the additional heat from skin and converts water into vapors, resulting in a cooling effect. Here warm but fresh air from the environment flows through the cooling pads, which are made continuously wet using a water pump. This circulating water evaporates by absorbing heat from the hot air passing through cooling pads, leaving behind cold, fresh, and moistened air blown into the room by a fan. There should not be dry area or holes/gaps in the cooling pads, which may lead to suction of dry hot air without any cooling/humidification through the evaporation process.


Checklist for Efficient Maintenance of Air Cooler

Air coolers become an appliance of very high importance in your home, especially if you live in a hot climate. It assists in keeping a cool temperature inside home for a comfortable stay. It is therefore necessary to keep a constant check of your cooling system so that you can avoid or minimize the problems in the future. More than the repair / maintenance fees, it is the discomfort of high temperature that you may have to endure if any breakdown happens during hot weather conditions. The breakdowns can be easily prevented with frequent inspections. You can use the essential maintenance checklist to spot any faults with your unit immediately and determine if you can manage it yourself or if you need any expert assistance.


Follow the below checklist:


  1. Check the Pads

The cooling pads is the area where the majority of the air-cooling activity takes place. In other words, the state of cooling pads determines the effectiveness of air cooler.The cooling pads tend to retain dust and other particles from the air passing through them, it is essential to clean them on regular basis. Regardless of the kind of pad used in your air cooler, cleaning them at least once a month will help maintain them in excellent operating order and increase longevity. It’s vital to change the pads once a specific time has passed. The manufacturers will include instructions along with supplied cooler on ideal interval when you should change the cooling pad of your air cooler.


  1. Clean the Outermost Part of Unit

You may believe that the exterior of your air cooler has nothing to do with performance, but this is not the case. Every part of your air cooler is essential in achieving evaporative cooling, and an unclean exterior will reduce the quality of cooling you can get from your air cooler. You must be aware of the cleaner you should use while washing the outer surface of your air cooler. Avoid using chemical solid cleaners or benzene since they might harm the paint of the air cooler. You may ideally use a delicate cloth with warm water and a light soap to accomplish the job without damaging your cooler.


  1. Water Level Maintenance

Fill your evaporative air cooler with the correct amount of water. If the water level is low, it is recommended that you fill it up immediately so that the unit can work optimally. If you keep using cooler on empty water tank, it decreases the life of both fan motor as well as water pump. Therefore, water tank of an Air coolers must be filled regularly.


  1. Clean Water Tank

When you are using an air cooler for an extended period without changing water, the salts and impurities collected from the water and outside air keep accumulating in the water tank making it dirty. The cooler may even start to emit unpleasant smell also,which may endanger the users’ health because the water is no longer sanitary. Filthy water tanks that are not cleaned regularly also provide ideal circumstances for bacteria to flourish. Therefore, you should generally empty and clean the water tank every week, so that bacteria do not get any chance to reproduce in hot and humid setting of your air cooler.


  1. After-use care and proper storage

When you are not using the air cooler for an extended period, you must store it appropriately (particularly during the winter). Switch off the power source and disconnect the cable from the plug point to prevent wear and tear. We recommend doing the same during a power outage or a rainstorm to avoid lasting damage to your appliance. Also, while not in use, drain the tank and dry the cooler by using just the fan without the water pump. Clean the cooler entirely before storing it in a location that can be adequately covered with a soft cloth to avoid dust gathering.


  1. Proper and Timely Servicing

The cooling pads, water pump and outer body of you air cooler must be maintained properly for the unit to perform successfully and efficiently during its service life. If you neglect on the effective maintenance of air coolers, there will be a continuous reduction in cooling efficiency as well as increase in energy consumption.


Client’s Arena

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