During summers, it becomes difficult to cool very large spaces. Be it a vast residential area, an industrial unit or commercial premises, central air-cooling is an economic option. In this system, the air is cooled at a central location and distributed through fans and ductworks to adjacent places. There are supply ducts and return ducts that help in the circulation of cool air.

A Central air-cooling system helps in cost-saving and is also energy-efficient. But it needs proper design and planning too. The quality of indoor air improves and a very comfortable working environment is created. Read further to know more about the central air-cooling system.

What is the Central Air-Cooling System?

As evident from the name itself, a central air-cooling system covers a large area from a central location. The air is humidified and cooled, and blown into different areas through a duct system. It is different from normal air-coolers as it is quickly able to cool a very vast area without creating noise.

In places that are quite large, installing multiple air cooler units will be cumbersome. Besides, operating them will also be difficult as they will create lot of noise and direct air throw and it is difficult sometimes to face the air pressure and noise of coolers. So, central air-cooling systems are generally used in such cases as they help in achieving uniform air cooling through silent air distribution and consume energy very efficiently.

The system has air generating equipment or an air washer. There is a centrifugal or axial fan too. The cooling pads are of good quality and help in absorbing water better, without clogging issues. Air ducts and grills help in distributing the cool air from the centralized cooling system.

Types of Central Air-Cooling System

Normally evaporative air cooler units are installed for centralized cooling. They pull in outside fresh air and cool it with the help of moist pads using evaporative process. The overall cost associated with the cooling system is quite less and the system works very efficiently in dry areas. Another benefit of an evaporative cooling system is that it helps in adding moisture to the house and blows in the cool and refreshing air, lowering the humidity levels too.

The cooling system is based on very simple technology. Fan is the only one mechanical component that is used in centralized cooling system, and it helps in sweeping in cool air. There are two types of central air-cooling systems:

●    Split central air-cooling system

In this system, there is an outdoor large unit, which has a blower or a fan. The cool air from this unit is branched into multiple openings to serve the cooling requirement of multiple areas. This system is ideal and the best for residential cooling as individual rooms are smaller and multiple rooms need to be covered.

●    Packaged central air-cooling system

This cooling system consists of a cabinet connected to a single duct and single opening. There is an axial fan in the cabinet to push the cool air from the connected duct. This system is generally hanged on the walls of commercial building / shed. The single duct opening is provided above or below the cooling unit and till the wall level. They are useful for commercial buildings as multiple units can cover single large area for cooling.

There are many benefits of a centralized air-cooling system:

  • The initial setup cost is also lesser than the installation of the air-conditioning system. The overall maintenance cost is also lower.
  • Efficiently cooling for the area is achieved without any abrupt rise of humidity levels.
  • The air circulated is healthier, and there is no need to shield the entire place.
  • There are air filters that help in cleaning the air. The airborne particles, dust and lint are filtered easily.
  • Microscopic pollutants can also be removed.
  • With proper ventilation, unpleasant odors are also avoided.
  • The overall system is economic and energy-efficient.

The minor disadvantage associated with a centralized air-cooling system is that the system cannot achieve a perfectly controlled temperature. But when we are looking for cooling of a very large space, the intention is to provide efficient cooling rather than perfectly controlled temperature.

Location and Installation of Air-Cooling System

The air-cooling system must be installed properly for better performance. It does not demand frequent maintenance however sufficient provision should be provided to carry out maintenance whenever required. There are some tips that should be considered when installing a centralized air-cooling system:

  • Adequate space around the cooling unit is needed so that the system can be comfortably installed, maintained and repaired. Also the cooling unit should be able to pull enough outside fresh air.
  • The duct sizing must be done carefully. Branching and opening should also be given appropriately at the proper place.
  • All ducts must be sealed and insulated properly to avoid cooling loss.

How do you plan / upgrade your existing Central Air-Cooling System?

If you are going for installation of centralized air-cooling system for the first time, then ducting work is the key towards overall planning. However, if you are looking to upgrade your existing central air-cooling system, you can replace the existing cooler unit with a better model. It is better to look for models having higher cooling efficiency, especially the models with highly efficient cooling pads that have a longer life and can also be cleaned easily.

Centralized Air cooling in Nagpur

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Annual maintenance and repair of air-cooling system an important requirement that needs to be addressed. The cooling pads need replacement after periodic intervals, the overall system needs cleaning and the malfunctioning parts need replacement to ensure that the system performs efficiently. You can get all services for the central air-cooling system at Nagpur from Ram Services & Sales. Our team is well equipped to provide servicing and maintenance work at optimal costs and all the supplied parts are also covered under warranty.

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