With the soaring temperature during summers, the heat becomes unbearable and Air coolers are the saviors. Especially in recent years, Indian summers have been terrible. It has also become difficult to survive the heat without any cooling device. Fresh cool air actually feels like a boon on these hot days.

Indian households have traditionally been using air coolers for a very long time. The most important reason behind this is that coolers are very economical. They do not add extensively to the electricity cost, but rather use energy very efficiently. Besides, they are so durable that they can be used for years.

Another reason that has led to this preference is that the cooler air does not affect health adversely. As coolers use water as a refrigerant for cooling, it is eco-friendly too. It neither uses any harmful toxic chemicals for the cooling process nor does it flush out hot toxic air. The cool air is rich in moisture and is quite refreshing.

But, when choosing a cooler, it is extremely important to look for durability and quality. As the body of the metal body coolers is built with a good amount of steel, companies at times go for low-quality materials to save cost. You may choose to invest in cheaper alternatives, but it will not be cost-effective in the long run. Also, high-quality electrical components should be used in a cooler to ensure safety.

Another important factor that needs attention is the warranty policy. It is essential to remain aware of the terms and conditions of the warranty and what is covered in the warranty policy. These aspects have been discussed in this section.

Duration of Warranty

When buying an air cooler, do check the warranty period of the device. Some companies provide a warranty of six months or one season (as the summer season practically lasts for approx. 6 months). There are also cooler companies that give a warranty of 12 months. It is better to go for coolers that have a warranty of at least a year.

The warranty period starts from the date of the original retail purchase. Ensure that the company fills in the details like the date of purchase, name of the buyer, contact information, etc. on the warranty card.

When availing warranty, it is also essential to produce the dated Proof-of-Purchase document. So, the bills must be kept carefully so that the warranty conditions can be claimed. Also the defective part should be returned in lieu of replacement part during the warranty period.

Conditions for Warranty Application

The warranty can be claimed only by the original buyer and there is no provision for transferring the warranty. If you have purchased a product, then only you can raise a warranty claim. You cannot transfer it to someone else. Resold products brought from other customers cannot be covered under warranty.

Therefore, it is important that the warranty claim is made by the original purchaser only. Also, you cannot bring in old or refurbished items and claim a warranty for that. These conditions remain the same almost for all companies.

On-site Servicing

For on-site visits, it is important that the product is available in the locations where the dealer operates. This condition should be checked when purchasing your cooler. Then only you can request the dealer to visit your location and provide you with on-site service.

If the location is not covered under the area of the dealer operation, then you can claim to replace the defective part but on-site technician visit will not be possible. Mostly, companies specify these conditions when selling the product. Even, these details are also mentioned in writing. Get it clarified from the dealer when making any purchase.

Customer Invoice

The date of purchase should be mentioned in the customer invoice. It will help you in determining till when you can claim the warranty. The customer invoice has the bill number and other details that make it easier to confirm that the product has been purchased from the specific dealer.

Defective Parts Warranty

If there is any defective electrical part in the cooler that is covered under warranty, the dealer can replace it with good quality part of the same kind, or else will repair it if possible. You cannot claim to install a part of better quality. But, if the dealer changes the existing part with one with lower quality standards, then you must raise a complaint. Always confirm that the defective part is replaced with a part of same standards.

What cannot be covered under a warranty

If there is a defect in the product while shipping, or if there is a transit accident, then these failures cannot be covered under warranty as the dealer is not responsible for such malfunctions. Also, physical damages to the body, abuse or misuse of the product leading to faulty equipment is not covered under warranty.

If you operate the product on incorrect power supplies or do not follow the instructions provided, then you cannot claim a warranty from the dealer. Also, improper servicing, modification, alteration, or tampering with the product can lead to wear and tear. In such cases, it is not possible to get the warranty benefits.

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